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Social Media Management

There are hundreds of social media rules that people apply daily to push advertisements and their content — what to do, what not to do, etc. Sometimes, I can barely keep up!

‘They’ say you should make it entertaining, ‘they’ say to use hashtags, and ‘they’ say that paid advertisements reach more followers.

Well, ten rules or more is already too much! Although I’m still learning, I’ve been following these three simple rules when scheduling content for my internships and have gotten great results.


Appealing and persuasive images speak more words than you know. If an image catches my attention, then I read further. It is…what it is.

Utilize Attractive Questions

Let’s not be general, here. We want more than a one-word response for consistent engagement from several followers. Winning!

Know When to Post

More than likely during an eight to five, people aren’t checking their social media. I would suggest scheduling posts during lunch hours and when people are enjoying down time. Especially on the weekends!

As I continue to stress, I am not an expert…yet! I’m just helping you with what best helps me. With just a nudge, these tips should help increase your social engagement. If not, let me know…and we’ll figure something out!

Happy posting!

Cast Yourself

Fashion is already a competitive industry, so you can imagine how intense breaking into public relations can be. Believe it or not, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do until last year. Heck! I didn’t even know what PR was, let alone where to even start.

I’ve always had a knack for wanting to connect people or being in the midst of networking. I found that PR was broad enough in any industry. Yet, I do regret not having more strategy when it came to my post-graduation plans. Things were still up in the air…all over the place! Still is! Trust, I have a plan though which I may share in a more personal post.

For now, here are a few things I would recommend you do as early as sophomore year:


It may not be the best experience for some, but it is fun and amazingly interesting to see how much you grow within a few months. You DO NOT learn everything sitting in a classroom. You learn how to deal with people, attitudes and all of the essentials to this so called fast-paced industry. More importantly, you learn more about yourself.

Even if you don’t specifically intern in the fashion industry, you are still learning basic skills that you can apply to any job.

Create a Portfolio

As I said, you don’t learn everything in a classroom. In the beginning, it can be hard and nerve-wracking to learn how to pitch to media, or to businesses for sponsorships. Take those PR tasks and assignments serious; they’re exactly what will help you transition into entry-level positions.

Writing skills will be the most impressive to potential employers.

Network! Network! Network!

I really cannot stress this enough. You never know who you’ll meet, better yet…where your next job will come from. There are all types of job fairs, networking events and socials held during the semester. What about ‘networking’ cards? An interesting twist to business cards; utilize these cards to reach out to people you admire. Invite them to lunch or a Starbucks coffee break.

As a general rule of thumb, NEVER stop meeting people.

Wondering when, where or how to start? Your college community! Are you a part of any school clubs or volunteer for any non-profit organizations? How’s your social life? Try speaking with local bar owners or managers that host weekly events. These small-scale projects really help you learn the ins and outs of the PR world.

Fraternizing Beyond Casual-Office Relationships

Let’s be honest, are you really into him/her? Most companies have policies that will not allow office relationships happen, yet some do not. Either way, this is never a good idea. Relationships do happen, especially when you see the same people day in and day out.

Have you seen House? What about Drop Dead Diva? Bonds sprout and friendships strengthen…relationships happen!

However, before your relationship goes to another level, make sure that this love quarrel won’t cost you a job, better yet…a career! Not to say that this has happened to me (laughs out loud), but I know someone who has found his way around the office, more than once! Did it turn out well? I’m sure not, but I want to look out for you guys and give warning.

Choose the Right Person

Not to make this a power thing, but try to avoid someone in a higher rank. First comes attachment, then favoritism, then office gossip — a drama web! Be sure to avoid married individuals…watch for those ring tans, people!

Know Company Policy

Read the fine print! Some companies have strict rules about office relationships, and you should respect those boundaries. Understand the consequences that follow! Don’t let your wandering imagination cause trouble for you!

There Will Not Be a Fairytale Ending

Most of the time…anyway. If things don’t work out, can you imagine how badly you’ll be hurt when your feelings become deeply involved? Having to see this person every day…awkwaaaarrrrrd! What if you two have to work together on a work project — your work performance may get the downfall.

We’re all grown, yes. But, don’t risk losing your job. Be professional.

TOMS, Give Cash Instead

“TOMS tells you that making the world a better place is all about you: that you know best how to help poor people, and that you are so powerful that it will take barely any effort on your part to make a huge difference in the world.” – Amanda Taub, Vox.com

The article is argumentative for some, yet good. Taub stated that instead of making decisions for underprivileged people, why not just give them exactly what we’re using to help them — money. She feels that TOMS is promoting the ‘poor’ as helpless and that “it’s a bad way to run an aid program.”

“TOMS has a compelling origin story…Give them shoes. More specifically, create a for-profit company that funds free shoes for poor children without relying on donations,” said Taub.

People like shoes. People like helping other people. You can give, while donating and profiting at the same time. It’s all business. Now, TOMS does have steep prices where they make enough money to give $5-$10 per purchase. But to who — the shoeless children?

She went on to discuss similar charitable e-commerce businesses like THINX, a company that donates menstrual products to Ugandan girls when someone purchases their products. Taub also spoke on research where cash demonstrated that it can be an effective way to help save the world’s struggles.

But, isn’t that what TOMS is doing without the actual cash — helping? Giving more money to purchase more product, to give more shoes?

Aside from the harsh criticism that targeted TOMS specifically, I agree that not every charitable purchase will help solve the problems of poverty-stricken children in Haiti or Uganda. There can be more strategic ways of distributing essential products like shoes and menstrual pads, but for TOMS…shoes worked.

It’s kind of a contradictory article. (Read full story)

But I want to know…is the problem with TOMS or with other companies imitating the idea of ‘buy one, give one,’ and “we, as Westerns consumers” profiting from in-kind charity?

Practicing Self-Love: My 10 Commandments

ahhh…endearment 🙂

self love
I am glad that you are reading this post. This isn’t by chance or you just so happened to “stumble” across this post. It was meant to be. Self-love is an individual journey that only YOU can pilot, but often we allow others to direct us consciously and/or unconsciously.

In 2013 I met my mentor, Marion Christopher Pugh, who inspired me to develop my own journey of self-love through his everyday life. He has created his own environment of tranquility, happiness, and support even in the most toxic areas and moments. If you ever have a conversation with Chris I am sure you have heard him say “love yourself.” These two words carried me since I have met him. Sounds completely cheesy, but that is where my true self-love journey began and I am still growing. This journey is a life-time mastery, but it is beautiful struggle that takes time…

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