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Advice I’d Give To My Younger Self

“Forget about what other people are saying about you. People speculate what they don’t know, and force themselves to believe that it’s the truth.”


Reputation: Who Are You?

How do I want people to see me? How is my brand represented on social media? Am I achieving my brand’s goals? These are all questions that I’ve actually been asking myself this week. When I initially started my blog/brand, I wanted it to be solely based on Fashion PR. Now, it includes the entire fashion lifestyle and PR culture, which is what I actually want my brand to be seen as.

My brand is positive and I want others to see this. I promote myself and my brand on my personal social media accounts, as I see the need to be transparent with my follow base. My social platforms are expressive, yet reserved. I don’t say everything that I want to say out loud, online. I like for people to see me as a positive, influential, fun and educated being. I am honest and open with my readers, and I want them to know this.  All of which, I hope will be useful in my career. When I’m posting personal things on my personal social platforms, I want my future boss and readers to know that I am a regular person and have everyday problems just like them. I share news and blog updates, as well as encouraging posts on all of my platforms. I’d like to think that I am consistent and will hope to inspire others with my blog.

I’d like to think that people trust me and trust what I have to say when I am posting, especially when researching my brand. When using Google, I am learning how to appropriately use Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as this will help others when they’re researching ‘Angel’. At the moment, when typing Angel Harmon into Google, Angie Harmon shows instead. I learned that to narrow the results, using “angel harmon” + “georgia southern” will show all of my information. You can find my LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profile information on the first page. There’s even an article on a local boutique’s website where my name is mentioned as a stylist for Jemelleh Coes, 2014 Georgia Teacher of the Year, where I helped prepare her wardrobe for a trip she took to meet the President. Awesome, right?

Overall, I found that my brand is an extension of myself and there is so much more to learn. At this moment, I know that in order to increase my blog/brand reader traffic, I will have to expand further and network with more fashion and PR professionals. This will definitely help increase my social presence and boost my brand. Double win!

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Yesah for A Cause

It is easy to brush off service, especially where it’s needed. I’ve been committing to community outreach since I’ve been in elementary school. No, it doesn’t happen everyday, but I make sure I do my part in giving back. Being socially responsible is healthy for the soul and overtime you notice change within yourself. What’s your point, Angel?

image4_1024x1024Yesah is a company that contributes and dedicates itself to service; a brand that you can be proud to wear. They help, provide and support starving, malnourished children. One product in particular is a 100% natural wood watch (super nice). For each watch that is purchased, the company donates $10 to non profit children’s hunger organizations.

How about that? A one-of-a-kind watch used to provide for children in need. Diligence in its best. 

Follow them on social media using #ProudToWearYesah to show everyone you care. They’ll be giving away free merchandise to those that are proud to wear their brand!

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Sex and the City’s, Sarah Jessica Parker turns 50

If you aren’t a fan, you should go sit in a corner…right now…by yourself! How can you not forget Carrie Bradshaw? There was always something I could relate to her. The shoe drama (especially Manolo Blahnik), friend wars and boy-craze. I loved her, the girls and the show, point blank. I have every season and movie on dvd, I even got my ‘love bug’ intrigued 🙂 My copies have copies, no joke. 

On the show, she was always experiencing a meltdown on her birthday, being deserted by friends or even a melodramatic break-up. But, that wretched feeling no longer resides because she’s fabulous, thriving and 50!

16Carrie-Bradshaw-Sex-City-QuotesSex and the City 21921287

“Enjoy yourself. That’s what your twenties are for. Your thirties are to learn the lessons. Your forties are to pay for the drinks.” – Quote from Sex and the City

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The food, fashion, life, love, and family are just a few words to describe my SC lust. Never afraid to be bold or daring, the show made history jump with major fashion strides, thanks to Patricia Field. Remembering and celebrating those style moments and happy hours missed, I share with you my favorite memories of SJP and the girls.


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Hi guys! I hope your weekend was as lovely as mine! I am still regaining my energy from my week. I can honestly say that it was great! I will fill you all in on my activities, but for now I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday! I need rest!!!

Peace & LOVE,


Get On The Radar

A few weeks ago, Hal Thomas of Noble Mouse spoke to my PR class and offered some great humor advice for surviving agency life. I liked him so much that I felt a need to get some one-on-one inspiration for excelling after graduation! I just thought I’d share:

BLOGGING: Have fun with it.
  1. Write about things in your industry that get you excited or piss you off; point out that something is a good or bad example because_______
  2. Try to write at least once or twice a week

Every blog post doesn’t need to be long-winded or contain a brilliant insight.

RELATIONSHIPS: Start following people on Twitter who work for places where you’d like to work or who do the kind of work you’d like to do. What you’re trying to do is develop a relationship with them over time.
And don’t just follow them, actually comment on the things they say. (In other words, be an actual person.)
RESUMES: Show your best experiences.
Honestly if you’re networking online and offline, your best job opportunities are not going to happen because you emailed someone your resume.
PORTFOLIOS: Sound excited when you’re talking about them!
Most folks I know say go with your 6–8 best pieces of work and be prepared to talk about why you chose those pieces for your portfolio, what interested you most about the projects, challenges you faced and how you overcame them…
SKILLS: The best people to work with are always the most curious, the ones who aren’t afraid to learn something new.

That, for me, is one of the most valuable things anyone can bring to a team.

You can follow Hal on Twitter at @HalThomas, for more inspiration and tips! Also, if you’d like to trade your study/work break for innocent humor, here are some great blogs to follow:

Brand Flakes for Breakfast

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Ugh…it’s so true! I have a huge Fear Of Missing Out. With the start of a new school year, I am mainly working and going to class, so I really do not have much time for playing, being social, hanging with friends and all of that good stuff.

When I am not in school, I am at work. When I am not in those two places, I just want to sleep and catch up on my rest. Sometimes it seems as if I don’t have time for anything else. Until recently, I did not have a laptop or anything that will allow me to maintain access to the socialite entertainment with fashion, celebrities, world news, etc. This will be my only source of fun right now…because as I said, I just don’t have time.


 With my birthday weekend just passing, I found myself falling behind on schoolwork and I missed an exam. Trying to be the one ‘not missing out.’ I was so caught up in preparing for my day and forgot that I had school assignments and an exam to study for. Well, luckily enough, my professor allowed me to make up the missed exam (FAVOR!) and I made a promise to myself to stop making excuses.

These excuses fall in the category of everything. Life, school, work…EVERYTHING! I figure the less excuses I make, the less room there will be for mistakes or mishaps. My FOMO will just have to take a seat on the bench or else it’ll have me bottled up with frustration.

I know that in the world of PR and entertainment, it is easy to feel left out. There is so much going on and so much that I would love to be a part, like fashion week and keeping up with my favorite fashion blogs. I feel that the majority of my FOMO comes by way of not being able to participate in internships and major networking opportunities. Just recently, I missed one of the most prominent Fashion PR conferences in L.A. Oh, how I wish!! 

I feel that the only solution is to just focus on my goal and just continue to do what I can to build my resume, with the little experience I pick up here and there. Now that I do have a laptop, I can begin working on my CSS and Search Engine Optimization skills. There will be many opportunities, I just have to be patient and let everything follow through………………………(sad face)