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TOMS, Give Cash Instead

“TOMS tells you that making the world a better place is all about you: that you know best how to help poor people, and that you are so powerful that it will take barely any effort on your part to make a huge difference in the world.” – Amanda Taub,

The article is argumentative for some, yet good. Taub stated that instead of making decisions for underprivileged people, why not just give them exactly what we’re using to help them — money. She feels that TOMS is promoting the ‘poor’ as helpless and that “it’s a bad way to run an aid program.”

“TOMS has a compelling origin story…Give them shoes. More specifically, create a for-profit company that funds free shoes for poor children without relying on donations,” said Taub.

People like shoes. People like helping other people. You can give, while donating and profiting at the same time. It’s all business. Now, TOMS does have steep prices where they make enough money to give $5-$10 per purchase. But to who — the shoeless children?

She went on to discuss similar charitable e-commerce businesses like THINX, a company that donates menstrual products to Ugandan girls when someone purchases their products. Taub also spoke on research where cash demonstrated that it can be an effective way to help save the world’s struggles.

But, isn’t that what TOMS is doing without the actual cash — helping? Giving more money to purchase more product, to give more shoes?

Aside from the harsh criticism that targeted TOMS specifically, I agree that not every charitable purchase will help solve the problems of poverty-stricken children in Haiti or Uganda. There can be more strategic ways of distributing essential products like shoes and menstrual pads, but for TOMS…shoes worked.

It’s kind of a contradictory article. (Read full story)

But I want to know…is the problem with TOMS or with other companies imitating the idea of ‘buy one, give one,’ and “we, as Westerns consumers” profiting from in-kind charity?


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Atlanta International Fashion Week

Proclaimed as the official fashion week of Atlanta, Atlanta International Fashion Week showcases Atlanta’s elite designers and models in the fashion industry and features runway shows, live entertainment, learning sessions, and networking events.


July 28th-August 2, 2015

In the past, featured designers have included White House Black Market, Kenneth Cole, and Robert Cavalli; Participation from countries such as Pakistan, Africa, Brazil and the Caribbean; and celebrity attendees have included Kim Kardashian, International Man of Style Dwight Ubanks, and R&B singer Monica.

From a series of fashion and beauty based workshops, career fairs, innovative expos to creative concept stores will stem from the avant premiere of ‘Fashion and the City.’ AIFW’s Fashion and the City will also feature unprecedented fashion showcases such as Celebrity Walk for Charity, and Shop the Runway designed for an exceptional and unique fashion experience for consumers, industry influencers, and the community.

If you’re a college student, recent graduate (like myself) or someone looking to get their foot in the door, this would be the perfect opportunity for networking! So pack your bags and grab your passport for a fashion-filled week at!

For constant updates and information, follow the event on twitter: @AtlFashionWeek

Photo Source: AIFW

Rachel Zoe Launches Late Night on Lifetime

No introduction needed! I admit I’ve missed her fun personality and sense of humor. Since her reality show “The Rachel Zoe Project,” on Bravo, Rachel Zoe has truly made her name ring throughout the fashion industry.

First reported by Variety, Zoe will be debuting on Lifetime Sept. 24, with a new late-night talk show called “Fashionably Late With Rachel Zoe.” The schedule weekly program will be filmed at her Melrose Avenue headquarters in Los Angeles. During the show, she will be discussing current happenings in fashion, beauty and pop culture.

Sounds like every other fashion show, right? But it’s Rachel, so I will leave it at that 🙂

You don’t have to be a fan of her previous ventures to know that Rachel Zoe has become a fashion goddess. Forget the ‘chip on her shoulder’ rumors! I suggest watching the show, learning her Do’s and Don’ts and sharing your thoughts with me!

You’re probably like ‘how will she be different?’ Well, she does have strong backing with celebrity clients and several fashion friends we could envy. Wouldn’t you like to see a J. Lawrence appearance? Even Harper’s Bazaar Editor Derek Blasberg is said to join her many nights on the show.

Photo Source: Trendy Bloggers

SJP + Zappos Couture

Hi guys!

As many of you may know, I admire Sarah Jessica Parker in all her magnificence (complete understatement). I wanted to share with you the new collection that she and Zappos Couture have launched called ‘SJP.’

s s1

Shoes make any woman feel more confident and sexy. In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, Parker said, “You feel confident and powerful when you dress in a way that tells me who you are rather than trying to dress like someone else who you think is confident and powerful. The shoe that makes you feel good is what makes a powerful shoe. There are a myriad of varieties to fill that definition.”

s2 s3

By glancing at the collection, I knew instantly that ‘Sex and the City’ had a hand in the creation, and even the shoe names, like “Carrie.”  The 100-piece collection features handbags, clutch bags and classic, power pumps and flats. Each style is offered in a variety of colors.

s6 s7

Parker is looking to launch another collection in coming months, and just as this one, I’m sure it’ll be great! She’s truly a trendsetter, on and off the screen!

My current SJP obsessions are:

The “Angelica” reminds of the sapphire blue Manolo Blahnik that Mr. Big proposed to Carrie with during the movie.

Photo Source: Style News

Nicola Peltz Revives the ’70s

A&E vixen of Bates Motel, Nicola Peltz charms us with her aurally stunning May 2015 spread for InStyle Magazine. From Boss to Stella McCartney, this young star is definitely ‘coolie’ in a neutral color palette with warm gold and burnt orange.



Photo Credit: FashionGoneRogue

New Menswear Designer at American Apparel + GQ Suit Stretch Test

American Apparel has taken the heat this past year for company mishaps, but now they are working to “create a new identity” in hopes that the company’s future will prevail, especially in menswear. As of last week, Joseph Pickman from Band of Outsiders will be heading the men’s design team.

“And it’s not hard to see how someone who has spent over three years creating Band of Outsiders’ unfussy button-ups, sweatshirts and tailored pants would fit right in with American Apparel’s basics-oriented business, so while Pickman could drive things forward a bit, he’s not likely to alienate the brand’s current customers.”

We can count on Pickman to get the job done, right?

In other news, GQ charms us with their stretch test on trending men’s suits that are no longer make guys feel uncomfortable or constricted. Although at nauseating prices, these jetsetting suits will be worth every penny. Can you imagine a suit that’s tailored to fit with stretch and wrinkle resilience? This type of suit would be perfect for the everyday gym fanatic, or that guy who’s always on-the-go.


There aren’t many guys that can find a suit, such as Bonobos and Paul Smith, without having to actually spend money on that type of quality.

“After a couple hours worth of pull-ups, sprinting, push-ups, jumping, and lunging, it still looked freshly pressed. Not a wrinkle in sight. Try that in your run-of-the-mill cotton suit and you’ll be sorry. A gift from the sartorial gods!”

This is an investment.

Sources: and GQ