Atlanta International Fashion Week

Proclaimed as the official fashion week of Atlanta, Atlanta International Fashion Week showcases Atlanta’s elite designers and models in the fashion industry and features runway shows, live entertainment, learning sessions, and networking events.


July 28th-August 2, 2015

In the past, featured designers have included White House Black Market, Kenneth Cole, and Robert Cavalli; Participation from countries such as Pakistan, Africa, Brazil and the Caribbean; and celebrity attendees have included Kim Kardashian, International Man of Style Dwight Ubanks, and R&B singer Monica.

From a series of fashion and beauty based workshops, career fairs, innovative expos to creative concept stores will stem from the avant premiere of ‘Fashion and the City.’ AIFW’s Fashion and the City will also feature unprecedented fashion showcases such as Celebrity Walk for Charity, and Shop the Runway designed for an exceptional and unique fashion experience for consumers, industry influencers, and the community.

If you’re a college student, recent graduate (like myself) or someone looking to get their foot in the door, this would be the perfect opportunity for networking! So pack your bags and grab your passport for a fashion-filled week at  www.atlantaintlfashionweek.com!

For constant updates and information, follow the event on twitter: @AtlFashionWeek

Photo Source: AIFW


Celebrity Social Media + Status

“Celebrities have been using social media along with everyone else for quite some time.” We see and hear about it everywhere. It is definitely an intrusion value that we can’t ignore. Of course, many people have their opinions about celebrity accounts because they feel the connection isn’t ‘real’ enough or just isn’t the actual person. This is true. Many celebrities have account managers to take on the load when they’re busy…busy living like us.

I have many favorites that I follow on Twitter, like Jimmy Fallon, Tim Gunn, Ellen Degeneres. The celebrities I choose to follow offer great wisdom, career advice and are stepping-stone achievers that I wish to meet one day. I don’t believe I’ve ever unfollowed anyone significant, but I recently unfollowed Emmanuel Hudson, a YouTube Comedian now featured on Nick Cannon’s ‘Wild ‘N Out.’ Now that he’s famous, he only retweets or have nothing of relevance to say. It gets old, quick. (BUT, his videos are HILARIOUS.) This one made him famous:

Of the celebrities I follow, I would probably give most of them a ‘B’ for being relevant and true, and a ‘C’ for those that tweet to promote movies, quotes and tv show debuts A L L   D A Y   L O N G. Sometimes it would be nice to see a continuous reality of the actual person I initially chose to follow.

Will Ferrell using his celebrity and social media presence to raise money for charity is a great thing, a fantastic move! Asides Scandal’s Kerry Washington, I never really see too many celebrities consistently promoting goodwill via social media. If they do, it doesn’t come up on my timeline. I follow many, many people. Like Will and Kerry, I believe many celebrities use their social status to get many people to participate, especially to give funds. It’s been successful, so no complaints there.

Honestly, if there are celebrities not utilizing social media it has to be for personal reasons. Any celebrity, expert in PR/social media alone will never miss the opportunity to share as much as they can to the world. Social media is thriving and if there’s one not on its train, they’re missing out.

Photo source: Google

What Is With Today’s News?


The news is constantly being updated and stories are changing every few minutes. We don’t have to wait for tomorrow’s paper to know more information, and most papers are now fully online. So what makes all of this information newsworthy?

Information today is so easily accessible. I feel like everything we hear about is related to some type of crime or celebrity breakdown, or even the weight gain/loss of a celebrity. Although crimes are important, we would rather not indulge in details of Jennifer Hudson’s dramatic weight loss. I think Timing, Relevance, Human Interest, Significance, and Prominence are the main factors to building great stories.

Timing basically describes what news is today, and people want to know what is happening as it is happening. If something is significant and it will affect a large amount of people, more than likely we will want to know all of the details.

The relevance of a story is important because people want to know if the news is important concerning everyone’s daily activities throughout the day.

Most readers love stories involving heart-warming and juicy emotions. Human interest stories are more up-to-speed because many people can relate and get a feel for what is being written.

I feel prominence relates to the entertainment news aspect of pop culture. We see much of this on E! News and TMZ. If you aren’t a celebrity or an A-list current, simply put — you don’t make the cut. The information is updated every second, and people are just as interested in the daily lives of celebrities as much as what’s going on around the world.

There are so many changes in daily news and determinants to what makes something newsworthy, that I stay prepared for the next new thing.