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Hey! You there! I’m happy you’re here. I enjoy meeting new people and making new friends! Ooh! You can be my new friend! I guess…you’ll want to know some info, first?

Well, I was born in the 90’s…on September 14th! Yes, a Virgo! A lovely one at that. I’m a Fashion Merchandising student at Georgia Southern University (#hailsouthern) with double minors in Business and Public Relations. I’m originally from Richmond, Virginia…but, I’ve lived in Georgia long enough to be a southerner. I’m a big believer in Christ (we can definitely have heart-to-hearts).

I’m a lover of all things fashion (so cliche`) and I enjoy gawking after antique collectibles. I LOVE music, enjoy watching live bands sing cover music, and I enjoy a hilarious parody every once in a while. My blog is dedicated to all things fashion pertaining to style, beauty, inspiration and lifestyle. As well as learning tips, growth builders and more for the curious minds of PR enthusiasts!

I can share so much more with you, but…DOES THIS MAKE US COOL? Like, can we be friends or no?

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