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Social Media Management

There are hundreds of social media rules that people apply daily to push advertisements and their content — what to do, what not to do, etc. Sometimes, I can barely keep up!

‘They’ say you should make it entertaining, ‘they’ say to use hashtags, and ‘they’ say that paid advertisements reach more followers.

Well, ten rules or more is already too much! Although I’m still learning, I’ve been following these three simple rules when scheduling content for my internships and have gotten great results.


Appealing and persuasive images speak more words than you know. If an image catches my attention, then I read further. It is…what it is.

Utilize Attractive Questions

Let’s not be general, here. We want more than a one-word response for consistent engagement from several followers. Winning!

Know When to Post

More than likely during an eight to five, people aren’t checking their social media. I would suggest scheduling posts during lunch hours and when people are enjoying down time. Especially on the weekends!

As I continue to stress, I am not an expert…yet! I’m just helping you with what best helps me. With just a nudge, these tips should help increase your social engagement. If not, let me know…and we’ll figure something out!

Happy posting!


Maximize Your Spring Haul

While ‘shopping haul’ posts have become more popular, I want you guys to get the best ‘bang for your buck!’ Affordable shopping doesn’t have to be a complete waste, especially if try simple tips.


Handbags. Be sure that it has structure and tolerance to last a few years. Make sure that the rubber lining on the straps doesn’t rub off, or the surface of the bag doesn’t easily discolor.

Flats. You want to purchase shoes with rubber soles because they last longer and are super comfortable.

Chains. They are ever evolving and you’re able to create your own signature looks with knots, draping and layering for necklaces and belts. Can be worn on your ankles and wrists, or interlooped between your fingers.

Cotton tops. They are inexpensive and thinner for the upcoming summer weather, and an ultimate ‘go-to’ for a ‘jeans and blazer’ look.

Vintage shoe clips. Perfect addition to any pump or flat; gives a rich, jewel tone.



[ 1 ] Because the carpet in department stores provide a little comfort, be sure to walk on hard surfaces when trying on shoes.

[ 2 ] Wear Spanx or convertible undergarments when prepared to try on clothes. You may find a greater fit for that jumper or halter dress you’ve been gawking for weeks.

[ 3 ] When shopping online, check for shipping rates. Those $35 pumps are no longer attractive with the total plus shipping.

[ 4 ] Follow, tweet and connect with your favorite brands on social media. Coupon codes, insider specials and discount offers are always up for grabs.

[ 5 ] A quick way to luxe your look is to purchase similar color palettes and prints, like darkwash denim and navy blue.

Do you have any helpful tips? Please share!

Photo, HSN, gloimg.trendsgal, fashions-cloud

Crazy Is a Compliment

“You have to give yourself permission to be contrarian.” – Linda Rottenberg (USA Today, 2014)

I’ve been researching career tips and came across an article featuring Linda Rottenberg, who is considered one of the “most dynamic experts on entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership” (Endeavor Global). Rottenberg’s mission is to help entrepreneurs develop their goals, “no matter how…outlandish the concept” (USA Today, 2014).

She truly believes in the ‘power of crazy’ and dreaming out loud, which many people are afraid to do because they feel that it “threatens the status quo” of the business world. When it comes to your dreams and ideas, who cares about labels and how people think of you? Look at RuPaul, Steve Jobs, Alexander McQueen and Tyler Perry; crazy ideas, yet successful.

 “If you aren’t being called crazy, you just aren’t thinking big enough yet.” – L.R. (Glamour, 2014)

Just as those brave pioneers, I do not expect to follow suit with being ‘normal.’ Do you? Join my pledge to challenge ourselves for crazy success and entrepreneurship.


Stop Procrastinating. I have so many ideas, but I shy away from thinking out-loud. It’s time to start putting our plans into action; making things happen, even if we are on our own.

Drop the baggage. At some point in time, we will have to cut-off those closest to us that are holding us back. Those that give ideas, but put no work into action or are just reaping the benefits. Yes, this could include family.

Think Out Loud. Dare yourself. Challenge yourself. Push the limit with your talents. Let’s not hold back on our success or the creativity that we possess.

Take a Chance. Create an effective strategy and find ambassadors (strong supporters) to generate and market information through word-of-mouth. Just like gossip, our messages can spread like wildfires across social media.

Be Flexible. Don’t attempt to kill yourself slowly (Laugh-Out-Loud)! Enjoy life and your work while being efficient. We don’t want to spread ourselves too thin.

Photo Source: USA Today

Public Relation Talks

As a public relations enthusiast, I do think about how social media has changed the PR world and is still creating new avenues in the way we see things. I can’t say that the changes are either good or bad, but social media has paved the way for many professionals. It is used as the ‘go-to’ tool to further market clients, products and ideas. On the other hand, I have seen social media destroy a company’s images after a spiraling controversy.

Social media is so widespread, yet diverse that anyone with a social media account feel that they can take on [PR] responsibilities without a background in public relations. In a sense, it is what it is. There are people without proper training or knowledge to do many things, yet they continue to do so. For those who do not know how to effectively use, monitor, track and distribute information, or do not know creative crisis management are those who begin to fail at their jobs.

So much for trying to be something you’re clearly not qualified to do. I guess I do get offended.

Though, I feel that the same argument applies to people without degrees or those that drop out of high school; they find great success and fortune. It happens!

People or companies that employ social media, but do not have a qualified publicist can sometimes hurt, more than help a brand. Yes, networking and interacting is easy, but that’s not all ‘PRofressionals’ do. At the end of the day, there are books and resources, like ‘PR for Dummies’ and plenty of ‘how-to’ articles with tips on how to effectively use social media. If employed efficiently, these techniques will help brands flourish.

If that doesn’t work, remember money is always there to grow a brand 🙂

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PR 101: That Guy

In Fashion PR, well public relations in general, you study, learn and prepare for the industry and later become your own boss (if entrepreneurship is your thing). You want to be the person that everyone knows, admires and make connections possible.

Simply put, “you want to be that guy,” stated by Peter Shankman, founder of Help A Reporter Out (HARO), in his book “Customer Service: New Rules for a Social Media World.” I don’t necessarily know if I’ll ever be “that girl,” but I do know that I’m a reliable source for connecting one person to another.

Being the go-to person, the one that sees, hears and knows all puts you in a position of industry power.

“Why? Because “that guy”… is valuable to everyone” (Shankman, 2010).

How do we become valuable? There is no secret, just listen and interact with people; basic customer service. In Fashion PR, our purpose is to help, build and construct a brand’s image so being the initial contact from every marketing angle is important, including jewelry, beauty and lifestyle. You want to be “that guy” for your brand because more connections = increase in profits.

Everything is connected one way or another.

As a college student, I feel that this will be the highlight of our careers to know if we’re fit for PR. From the way we interact with people daily to our responses given on social media, to the ‘thank you’ notes that aren’t sent after interviews, we are noticed by our customer service.

People want to know if we’re listening, being active and giving them what they want. It’s going to get more intense from here, so it’s up to us to decide whether or not we will be “that guy.”

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Pet Peeves + Social Media

“Since social media has become a large part of nearly everyone’s lives, there are some who still do not understand how to use it without annoying others. With regard to social media/social networking there are things which annoy us.”

There are more than a few things that many people still do not understand about social media, or how to properly use it. I don’t keep a compiled list of things that annoy me, but I do watch…and stalk for future slip-ups.

“You know what really grinds my gears?”

  1. Pixelated Photography – This isn’t the 90s, cameras have been updated for over a decade. With the exception of using older photos that can’t be found anywhere else, pick another picture!
  1. Sharing and/or commenting on subjective issues that you don’t fully understand/comprehend – This bugs me! I get easily annoyed when people comment on a photo, not fully aware of the ‘point’ and take it completely out of context.

Take a look at the ‘#WhiteGirlsRock’ trend. This has been a controversy for over two years now, every time ‘BlackGirlsRock!’ debuts on BET (Black Entertainment Television). Well this year, the issue worsened. Read the articles!

  1. Using TOO MANY ##### – Yes, this happens! It is okay to share a few, maybe even five…but 20 for one picture? C’mon Insta-bloggers! I know SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is your friend, but there isn’t anything wrong with using a handful of favorites for your particular brand.

This is why I constantly use the same six keywords in rotation, or include them as feature titles.

I have been guilty of doing these things myself, and this is why I’m sharing. I used to be that person using horrible images that aren’t larger than a Post-It sticker, or even used too many hashtags for my posts. Until I began taking my PR classes and learning more about SEO, I had been a social fail. Understanding how to customize post features with keywords and clear images will save you time and energy.


Via Social Media

“Social media works when there are active participants.” – Dr. Michelle Groover 🙂

I’d like to think that social media exists only because people are active and constantly looking to connect or engage with the world around them. Ten years ago, we could get by without social media or the internet, but not today. It’s almost impossible to be without connection via some type of social circle, app or site. We’ve become crippled to clutching our phones in our hands at all times, that it’s become second nature. People literally experience ‘FOMO’ (fear of missing out) when away from their phones, tablets or computers for more than two hours!

It’s true, social media can affect us both positively and negatively if we’re not ‘connected.’ Being active via social media can affect the mental health, academic status of students or the overall well-being of an individual (Flad, 2010). On the other hand, social media can enhance a person’s communication and technology skills, team-work ethic and networking efforts for career growth. So, the positives and negatives find balance (depending on the individual).

My social media involvement is considerably high, but I accomplish so many tasks because of it. I have gained jobs, professional connections and social friends in parts of the world that I’ve never to explore. Social media has also been my main source to contact and connect with my family; those that do not live in Georgia. I’ve even met new family members through Facebook!

Looking at the photo, I’d consider myself a producer of features and works via social media; definitely beneficial. In my five years (Yes, FIVE!) of college education, I’ve learned to use many different publishing softwares and social mediums that it has positively contributed to my growth as a Fashion PR enthusiast. Social media connections are working for me, what about you?


What do you consider yourself? A producer of features, a commentator of work, a gatherer of great reads, a joiner of social connections, or an observer of everything and everyone?