Fraternizing Beyond Casual-Office Relationships

Let’s be honest, are you really into him/her? Most companies have policies that will not allow office relationships happen, yet some do not. Either way, this is never a good idea. Relationships do happen, especially when you see the same people day in and day out.

Have you seen House? What about Drop Dead Diva? Bonds sprout and friendships strengthen…relationships happen!

However, before your relationship goes to another level, make sure that this love quarrel won’t cost you a job, better yet…a career! Not to say that this has happened to me (laughs out loud), but I know someone who has found his way around the office, more than once! Did it turn out well? I’m sure not, but I want to look out for you guys and give warning.

Choose the Right Person

Not to make this a power thing, but try to avoid someone in a higher rank. First comes attachment, then favoritism, then office gossip — a drama web! Be sure to avoid married individuals…watch for those ring tans, people!

Know Company Policy

Read the fine print! Some companies have strict rules about office relationships, and you should respect those boundaries. Understand the consequences that follow! Don’t let your wandering imagination cause trouble for you!

There Will Not Be a Fairytale Ending

Most of the time…anyway. If things don’t work out, can you imagine how badly you’ll be hurt when your feelings become deeply involved? Having to see this person every day…awkwaaaarrrrrd! What if you two have to work together on a work project — your work performance may get the downfall.

We’re all grown, yes. But, don’t risk losing your job. Be professional.


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