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Practicing Self-Love: My 10 Commandments

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self love
I am glad that you are reading this post. This isn’t by chance or you just so happened to “stumble” across this post. It was meant to be. Self-love is an individual journey that only YOU can pilot, but often we allow others to direct us consciously and/or unconsciously.

In 2013 I met my mentor, Marion Christopher Pugh, who inspired me to develop my own journey of self-love through his everyday life. He has created his own environment of tranquility, happiness, and support even in the most toxic areas and moments. If you ever have a conversation with Chris I am sure you have heard him say “love yourself.” These two words carried me since I have met him. Sounds completely cheesy, but that is where my true self-love journey began and I am still growing. This journey is a life-time mastery, but it is beautiful struggle that takes time…

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Body-Positive Campaign + Empowering Women

via HuffPost

This is what a bikini body looks like. #DropTheTowel

A new campaign is reminding women to show off their beautiful beach bodies and #DropTheTowel.

Created by Wear Your Voice Magazine, the #DropTheTowel campaign features women of all shapes, sizes and color to remind women that every body is beautiful and should never be hidden.

I feel that this is an amazing ad campaign, and I am ready to see more ladies sharing their confidence! Let’s all be summer-fab like these beautiful ladies and #DropTheTowel!

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Photo Source: HuffPost

Via Social Media

“Social media works when there are active participants.” – Dr. Michelle Groover 🙂

I’d like to think that social media exists only because people are active and constantly looking to connect or engage with the world around them. Ten years ago, we could get by without social media or the internet, but not today. It’s almost impossible to be without connection via some type of social circle, app or site. We’ve become crippled to clutching our phones in our hands at all times, that it’s become second nature. People literally experience ‘FOMO’ (fear of missing out) when away from their phones, tablets or computers for more than two hours!

It’s true, social media can affect us both positively and negatively if we’re not ‘connected.’ Being active via social media can affect the mental health, academic status of students or the overall well-being of an individual (Flad, 2010). On the other hand, social media can enhance a person’s communication and technology skills, team-work ethic and networking efforts for career growth. So, the positives and negatives find balance (depending on the individual).

My social media involvement is considerably high, but I accomplish so many tasks because of it. I have gained jobs, professional connections and social friends in parts of the world that I’ve never to explore. Social media has also been my main source to contact and connect with my family; those that do not live in Georgia. I’ve even met new family members through Facebook!

Looking at the photo, I’d consider myself a producer of features and works via social media; definitely beneficial. In my five years (Yes, FIVE!) of college education, I’ve learned to use many different publishing softwares and social mediums that it has positively contributed to my growth as a Fashion PR enthusiast. Social media connections are working for me, what about you?


What do you consider yourself? A producer of features, a commentator of work, a gatherer of great reads, a joiner of social connections, or an observer of everything and everyone?