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O N E  D R O P (1)

Read Kelsey’s full post here: Working Girl How-To: Being Friends With The Competition


Hello, Working Girl: Kendra Barnes of Aisle Always Love

Hello, Working Girl: Kendra Barnes of Aisle Always Love.

Much encouragement from this in-post interview! I thank Kendra and Lindsay for this!!

Trend Maven: Vallieres

@NoemieVallieres. Her blog seems to be fairly new, but I can’t wait to see what’s to come! Check out her theme:

no·ones·land·er [no-wonez-laander]

1. Someone who doesn’t label themselves to any specific identity. Unique, gifted  and independent individuals.
2. Someone who is years ahead of his time in terms of maturity, critical thinking, trends and behaviours. Young, innovative, fashion forward individual.
3. Someone who doesn’t fit into society’s norms. Bold opinions, audacious personality, daring behaviour.
–verb (used without object),-lander·ing, -lander·ed.
to commit the act of expressing shocking, bold, advanced statements in unusual conditions
2015; nooneslandius (ptp. of nooneslandia to provoke), audacity, individuality, independence, innovation,