Sex and the City’s, Sarah Jessica Parker turns 50

If you aren’t a fan, you should go sit in a corner…right now…by yourself! How can you not forget Carrie Bradshaw? There was always something I could relate to her. The shoe drama (especially Manolo Blahnik), friend wars and boy-craze. I loved her, the girls and the show, point blank. I have every season and movie on dvd, I even got my ‘love bug’ intrigued 🙂 My copies have copies, no joke. 

On the show, she was always experiencing a meltdown on her birthday, being deserted by friends or even a melodramatic break-up. But, that wretched feeling no longer resides because she’s fabulous, thriving and 50!

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“Enjoy yourself. That’s what your twenties are for. Your thirties are to learn the lessons. Your forties are to pay for the drinks.” – Quote from Sex and the City

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The food, fashion, life, love, and family are just a few words to describe my SC lust. Never afraid to be bold or daring, the show made history jump with major fashion strides, thanks to Patricia Field. Remembering and celebrating those style moments and happy hours missed, I share with you my favorite memories of SJP and the girls.


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  1. I never watched the TV show but I did watch the movies. Does that count? 🙂 She doesn’t even look 50! Amazing style (then and now) and beautiful!

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