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Crazy Is a Compliment

“You have to give yourself permission to be contrarian.” – Linda Rottenberg (USA Today, 2014)

I’ve been researching career tips and came across an article featuring Linda Rottenberg, who is considered one of the “most dynamic experts on entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership” (Endeavor Global). Rottenberg’s mission is to help entrepreneurs develop their goals, “no matter how…outlandish the concept” (USA Today, 2014).

She truly believes in the ‘power of crazy’ and dreaming out loud, which many people are afraid to do because they feel that it “threatens the status quo” of the business world. When it comes to your dreams and ideas, who cares about labels and how people think of you? Look at RuPaul, Steve Jobs, Alexander McQueen and Tyler Perry; crazy ideas, yet successful.

 “If you aren’t being called crazy, you just aren’t thinking big enough yet.” – L.R. (Glamour, 2014)

Just as those brave pioneers, I do not expect to follow suit with being ‘normal.’ Do you? Join my pledge to challenge ourselves for crazy success and entrepreneurship.


Stop Procrastinating. I have so many ideas, but I shy away from thinking out-loud. It’s time to start putting our plans into action; making things happen, even if we are on our own.

Drop the baggage. At some point in time, we will have to cut-off those closest to us that are holding us back. Those that give ideas, but put no work into action or are just reaping the benefits. Yes, this could include family.

Think Out Loud. Dare yourself. Challenge yourself. Push the limit with your talents. Let’s not hold back on our success or the creativity that we possess.

Take a Chance. Create an effective strategy and find ambassadors (strong supporters) to generate and market information through word-of-mouth. Just like gossip, our messages can spread like wildfires across social media.

Be Flexible. Don’t attempt to kill yourself slowly (Laugh-Out-Loud)! Enjoy life and your work while being efficient. We don’t want to spread ourselves too thin.

Photo Source: USA Today