Pet Peeves + Social Media

“Since social media has become a large part of nearly everyone’s lives, there are some who still do not understand how to use it without annoying others. With regard to social media/social networking there are things which annoy us.”

There are more than a few things that many people still do not understand about social media, or how to properly use it. I don’t keep a compiled list of things that annoy me, but I do watch…and stalk for future slip-ups.

“You know what really grinds my gears?”

  1. Pixelated Photography – This isn’t the 90s, cameras have been updated for over a decade. With the exception of using older photos that can’t be found anywhere else, pick another picture!
  1. Sharing and/or commenting on subjective issues that you don’t fully understand/comprehend – This bugs me! I get easily annoyed when people comment on a photo, not fully aware of the ‘point’ and take it completely out of context.

Take a look at the ‘#WhiteGirlsRock’ trend. This has been a controversy for over two years now, every time ‘BlackGirlsRock!’ debuts on BET (Black Entertainment Television). Well this year, the issue worsened. Read the articles!

  1. Using TOO MANY ##### – Yes, this happens! It is okay to share a few, maybe even five…but 20 for one picture? C’mon Insta-bloggers! I know SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is your friend, but there isn’t anything wrong with using a handful of favorites for your particular brand.

This is why I constantly use the same six keywords in rotation, or include them as feature titles.

I have been guilty of doing these things myself, and this is why I’m sharing. I used to be that person using horrible images that aren’t larger than a Post-It sticker, or even used too many hashtags for my posts. Until I began taking my PR classes and learning more about SEO, I had been a social fail. Understanding how to customize post features with keywords and clear images will save you time and energy.



Reputation: Who Are You?

How do I want people to see me? How is my brand represented on social media? Am I achieving my brand’s goals? These are all questions that I’ve actually been asking myself this week. When I initially started my blog/brand, I wanted it to be solely based on Fashion PR. Now, it includes the entire fashion lifestyle and PR culture, which is what I actually want my brand to be seen as.

My brand is positive and I want others to see this. I promote myself and my brand on my personal social media accounts, as I see the need to be transparent with my follow base. My social platforms are expressive, yet reserved. I don’t say everything that I want to say out loud, online. I like for people to see me as a positive, influential, fun and educated being. I am honest and open with my readers, and I want them to know this.  All of which, I hope will be useful in my career. When I’m posting personal things on my personal social platforms, I want my future boss and readers to know that I am a regular person and have everyday problems just like them. I share news and blog updates, as well as encouraging posts on all of my platforms. I’d like to think that I am consistent and will hope to inspire others with my blog.

I’d like to think that people trust me and trust what I have to say when I am posting, especially when researching my brand. When using Google, I am learning how to appropriately use Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as this will help others when they’re researching ‘Angel’. At the moment, when typing Angel Harmon into Google, Angie Harmon shows instead. I learned that to narrow the results, using “angel harmon” + “georgia southern” will show all of my information. You can find my LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profile information on the first page. There’s even an article on a local boutique’s website where my name is mentioned as a stylist for Jemelleh Coes, 2014 Georgia Teacher of the Year, where I helped prepare her wardrobe for a trip she took to meet the President. Awesome, right?

Overall, I found that my brand is an extension of myself and there is so much more to learn. At this moment, I know that in order to increase my blog/brand reader traffic, I will have to expand further and network with more fashion and PR professionals. This will definitely help increase my social presence and boost my brand. Double win!

Photo source: maxresdefault