Write It Right

No matter what field of expertise, this rule applies to every individual! Not only are brownie points given, but we gain respect. It’s sad to see blog posts, books and articles that have too many misspellings or misused words. It seems as if no one proofreads anymore.

I’ve done my research and found that there are even grammar checkers…FREE. Although it offers the best features for a fee, Grammarly is pretty neat. It allows you to use the free option to get similar results for everything, everywhere. I give it two thumbs up!

David Katz, Executive Vice President of Randa Accessories, stated that you can be brilliant and banging with ideas, but if you can’t communicate effectively then he will look the other way. I have to admit, I would probably do the same if I were in his shoes. What’s the point if you can’t complete a sentence using proper grammar? (Read more)

Write it right or work somewhere else. – David Katz


Listen Up! The General is Speaking!

When I think about the military, social media doesn’t seem to ring a bell. Recently reading Ragan’s PR Daily article, I gained insight about pushing the social media curve and being straight-forward.

Now retired General John Michel recently shared six social media tips in an interview with writer John Egan. These tips were helpful in every way, in which they could serve as daily reminders for all social media strategists. In summary, General Michel’s tips:

1. Be consistent . Do not post anything that isn’t in-line with your personal brand.

2. Show respect. Be wise in the content that you post.

3. Be authentic. Engaging with your audience gains more respect and traffic involvement from your followers.

4. Craft a strategy. Post material with meaningful impact, that is consistent and original to your brand.

5. Don’t be robotic. It’s okay to use automated posting methods, but be engaging with your audience. It’s definitely a return on investment.

Social media, he says, “is all about interaction.”

6. Watch your words. Be sure to check, check and recheck your work before posting.

All of his tips were definitely true, and will be notes that I refer back to when needed. They come in handy for everyone! My assigned and chosen clients this semester, Charmin and Angel Soft, could definitely use tip five daily. I feel that automation is a kill in social media today.

Hal Thomas, of Noble Mouse, stated that originality in follower interaction is something that we must fight for. I agree. Strongly agree. Although automated messaging in the corporate world can be a hassle, I feel that if anyone truly cared, they would fight for personal interaction policy on social media. Whether it is easy or not, it’s still worth fighting for in the end. This is what customers want.