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Common Questions in a Fashion Interview

I like to ask a lot of questions, just as I like answering them. Ask me more and I’ll share more, but when it comes to interviewing…I get so choked up. I practice and prepare, but sometimes I am not prepared for the curve ball questions. I’m sure I am not the only one to experience this type of behavior.

From a research survey found on StyleCareers, here’s a list of “the most common questions asked by fashion industry recruiters [and] the questions candidates had the most trouble answering” (PR Couture, 2012).

Hopefully, this will help you as it’s helping me prepare for an upcoming interview for a summer internship.

“The gray bar represents the interview questions fashion industry recruiters and hiring managers ask in every interview.”

“The pink bar represents the least favorite interview questions of fashion industry job seekers.”


What are your least favorite interview questions?

Photo Credit: Style Careers, Glamour


Why am I studying Public Relations?

Welp! This would make this the third time that I have typed this post; hopefully, this will not get deleted once again!

So, I am choosing to study public relations because I feel that it is an interesting topic. It seems fun and is always ever-changing. After volunteering with the PR team for Miami Fashion Week, I felt inspired to pursue public relations. I have been in love with it since!¬†Although I am a fashion major, Fashion PR is my ultimate goal at the moment. Everything about it gives me life! I admire the women in the field, and have every intention on working as hard to be as successful. I can honestly say that being involved on campus, whether a fashion event or not, I have always chose the public relations task (although that isn’t what we were calling it.); I still had my hands in some type of PR.

I now have two internships, both geared towards PR, so I’m hoping that with all that I will be learning I will be successful in the matter what company I choose to be with. Overall,¬†I strongly feel that the best is yet to come with this career goal. Maybe this is for or maybe it isn’t…but at the moment, I know that Fashion PR is where I want to be. I get daily inspiration from Crosby Noricks of PR Couture; the website is EVERYTHING! I have learned so much more about fashion public relations reading her website, along with the principles that I have gained here at GSU. I feel that everyone interested in PR, in general, can gain new insight to the business.