Hal Thomas

Get On The Radar

A few weeks ago, Hal Thomas of Noble Mouse spoke to my PR class and offered some great humor advice for surviving agency life. I liked him so much that I felt a need to get some one-on-one inspiration for excelling after graduation! I just thought I’d share:

BLOGGING: Have fun with it.
  1. Write about things in your industry that get you excited or piss you off; point out that something is a good or bad example because_______
  2. Try to write at least once or twice a week

Every blog post doesn’t need to be long-winded or contain a brilliant insight.

RELATIONSHIPS: Start following people on Twitter who work for places where you’d like to work or who do the kind of work you’d like to do. What you’re trying to do is develop a relationship with them over time.
And don’t just follow them, actually comment on the things they say. (In other words, be an actual person.)
RESUMES: Show your best experiences.
Honestly if you’re networking online and offline, your best job opportunities are not going to happen because you emailed someone your resume.
PORTFOLIOS: Sound excited when you’re talking about them!
Most folks I know say go with your 6–8 best pieces of work and be prepared to talk about why you chose those pieces for your portfolio, what interested you most about the projects, challenges you faced and how you overcame them…
SKILLS: The best people to work with are always the most curious, the ones who aren’t afraid to learn something new.

That, for me, is one of the most valuable things anyone can bring to a team.

You can follow Hal on Twitter at @HalThomas, for more inspiration and tips! Also, if you’d like to trade your study/work break for innocent humor, here are some great blogs to follow:

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Listen Up! The General is Speaking!

When I think about the military, social media doesn’t seem to ring a bell. Recently reading Ragan’s PR Daily article, I gained insight about pushing the social media curve and being straight-forward.

Now retired General John Michel recently shared six social media tips in an interview with writer John Egan. These tips were helpful in every way, in which they could serve as daily reminders for all social media strategists. In summary, General Michel’s tips:

1. Be consistent . Do not post anything that isn’t in-line with your personal brand.

2. Show respect. Be wise in the content that you post.

3. Be authentic. Engaging with your audience gains more respect and traffic involvement from your followers.

4. Craft a strategy. Post material with meaningful impact, that is consistent and original to your brand.

5. Don’t be robotic. It’s okay to use automated posting methods, but be engaging with your audience. It’s definitely a return on investment.

Social media, he says, “is all about interaction.”

6. Watch your words. Be sure to check, check and recheck your work before posting.

All of his tips were definitely true, and will be notes that I refer back to when needed. They come in handy for everyone! My assigned and chosen clients this semester, Charmin and Angel Soft, could definitely use tip five daily. I feel that automation is a kill in social media today.

Hal Thomas, of Noble Mouse, stated that originality in follower interaction is something that we must fight for. I agree. Strongly agree. Although automated messaging in the corporate world can be a hassle, I feel that if anyone truly cared, they would fight for personal interaction policy on social media. Whether it is easy or not, it’s still worth fighting for in the end. This is what customers want.