Angel Soft


Oh, how fun is it to #HASHTAG! The tactic is so simple, yet so freaking popular. About two years ago, I didn’t understand the depth of a hashtag, but today, there is so much power and connection through a tag. Each day, there are people gaining new friends, jobs and major network relationships through simple hashtags. Both my assigned and selected client use #hashtags more than anyone I’ve seen thus far on social media.

Charmin and Angel Soft use great humor and rational appeal when hashtagging. The majority of Charmin’s tweets are dedicated to their ‘tweet roll’ of #tweetfromtheseat, but they are interacting daily with trending topics and discussions. I like it when they take a bad situation and create a humorous hashtag to induce positivity. Always a great tactic! They are also promoting their #CharminRelief campaign, where people can nominate their local firehouses for a year’s worth of toilet paper. Good deal!

Angel Soft uses hashtags everyday for everything! It’s not too bad; they maintain brand image. They interact with followers, follow trending discussions and even recognize national days throughout the year. I love that they utilize adult humor for their tweets, like #SheetOutOfLuck and #SheetHappens.

All of their hashtags are relatable to everyday people and situations, which is why my clients keep a strong follow base. Charmin and Angel Soft are never inappropriate when utilizing social media, and they are always sure to keep their hashtags ‘clean.’

I do feel that most #hashtags go unnoticed or even have engagement failure. After reading #YoureDoingItWrong, I agree that “throwing a “#” in front of a slogan is fine, but isn’t likely to inspire involvement.”

I think a great idea to add would be to:

Feed off real-time content and set realistic expectations of the #hashtag. This is basically jumping in on current topics, or trending conversations, to create authentic taglines that will go unnoticed. It’s using great quality, rather than throwing multiple hashtags out for people to isolate.


So, Youtube?

I honestly did not know that YouTube celebrated its 10th anniversary on February 14th. What’s interesting is that the first video wasn’t uploaded until two months after the domain debut. It seems as if they had a ‘big bang,’ in which they grew tremendously shortly after.

Thinking about both my assigned and selected client, they really do not utilize Youtube as you think they would. Charmin has over 6,000 subscribers and 30 videos uploaded. Their last update was about their relief project a month ago, and before that it was a previously seen commercial. Surprisingly, their most admired video is the Charmin Ultra Strong Commercial with over 1,000,000 views.

Angel Soft posts only commercials, once a  month. They have 30 videos and only 14 subscribers…literally! Their last post was three months ago, and it was their #SheetHappens commercial series. Their most liked video is the #SheetOutOfLuck commercial, in which I giggled in the end.

I use Youtube for music playlists, but I often see funny trending videos. Usually, I know what I’m looking for so I don’t waste time searching numerous pages. I even have an autoplay setting on my laptop so that the next selection will play. I like to watch videos with few views so I can be one of the first to comment. After 20 comments, I just stop scrolling…it gets depressing! People are cruel.

I believe if they put forth the effort, they could actually make a huge Youtube impact. What about a contest or unique toilet paper movement, like Angel Soft’s Sheet Happens? Pitching a Youtube campaign to my clients wouldn’t be a bad idea, considering the help they could use. There are so many video narcissists today, that my clients could reap major benefits.

Below is one of my favorite trailers from Youtube, enjoy!

Are You On Instagram?


You didn’t hear? Instagram is a trend, and I seem to be the only one not doing it. I used to post everyday, almost five times a day. I feel like I became an addict, more so because I liked gawking after nice pictures (and handsome guys). This was two years ago, and back then I felt that if you weren’t on Instagram, you weren’t ‘cool.’ Is that still a saying among the popular kids?

I still have my account, but it’s not active. When my phone broke, I couldn’t afford a super-nice replacement, so I settled for a ‘talk just fine, text just fine’ type of phone with a horrible camera. Meaning that I could no longer be a part of the ‘gram’ world. Ugh, the death of me!  I had followers and they actually cared to interact with me, leaving comments and tagging me in posts. This is what I enjoyed most about Instagram, being able to feel the love from my friends, family and others (some I did not know).

I believe my client Charmin would say the same, except they aren’t active on Instagram. From what I found, my clients are not on Instagram. I know that it is important that their followers interact and engage with them, but this social media tool isn’t one of their best. Charmin seems to have so much fun when creating their posts, their follow base feels the ingenuity, yet they prefer to stick to Twitter and Facebook. Angel Soft, my chosen client, isn’t on Instagram either. I do not know why they choose not to be, but it isn’t for everyone. They have #hashtags and people converse about them on Instagram, but they are not involved.

At the moment, since they seem to be doing so well with Facebook and Twitter, I would suggest that they stick to what they feel comfortable with. They have thousands of interactive followers and they seem to love the bond and social media presence that they’ve built. I would definitely suggest Instagram, and think it would be great for them. I know that Charmin posts about the bear family all the time, it could be a great idea to actually give them their own Instagram account. Wouldn’t that be nice, to follow the Charmin bear family on the gram? It would be different, but clever. I like it! What do you guys think?

Listen Up! The General is Speaking!

When I think about the military, social media doesn’t seem to ring a bell. Recently reading Ragan’s PR Daily article, I gained insight about pushing the social media curve and being straight-forward.

Now retired General John Michel recently shared six social media tips in an interview with writer John Egan. These tips were helpful in every way, in which they could serve as daily reminders for all social media strategists. In summary, General Michel’s tips:

1. Be consistent . Do not post anything that isn’t in-line with your personal brand.

2. Show respect. Be wise in the content that you post.

3. Be authentic. Engaging with your audience gains more respect and traffic involvement from your followers.

4. Craft a strategy. Post material with meaningful impact, that is consistent and original to your brand.

5. Don’t be robotic. It’s okay to use automated posting methods, but be engaging with your audience. It’s definitely a return on investment.

Social media, he says, “is all about interaction.”

6. Watch your words. Be sure to check, check and recheck your work before posting.

All of his tips were definitely true, and will be notes that I refer back to when needed. They come in handy for everyone! My assigned and chosen clients this semester, Charmin and Angel Soft, could definitely use tip five daily. I feel that automation is a kill in social media today.

Hal Thomas, of Noble Mouse, stated that originality in follower interaction is something that we must fight for. I agree. Strongly agree. Although automated messaging in the corporate world can be a hassle, I feel that if anyone truly cared, they would fight for personal interaction policy on social media. Whether it is easy or not, it’s still worth fighting for in the end. This is what customers want.