Secret Beauty

Airbrushed skin, tossed hair, bright and wide eyes, long lashes…all features of the lady sitting across the restaurant; as if she’d hopped out of a magazine. What is it about this woman that makes her beauty seem so effortless, yet completely refined? I wonder…is there a secret family recipe for homemade skin-care, a traditional herb for hair…like what is it! What is she doing that I’m not? Are there rules to follow? Am I not doing them in order or something? What!

Trends come and go, but there are some classic beauty rules to follow:

Rule #1: Focus Feature

There’s nothing wrong with being a makeup minimalist. Choose a feature to emphasize and make it pop! Like the look of bare skin, a little mascara with bold lips. (It shows true beauty!)

Rule #2: Stay Away From The Face

Avoid touching your face. Think about the germs from many of the things you touch daily…do you really want that on your face?

Rule #3: Stick-To Staples

I use Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Cleansing Pads every night and morning, with Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer to follow. It works just as well as MaryKay and Clinique, just less expensive!

Rule #4: Finding Balance

Don’t overdue color on your nails and toes, at the same time. Try wearing neutral nails with colorful toes, or with neutral makeup palettes.  (What looks good on my toes, does not on my fingers!)

Rule #5: 3-Way Your Favorite 

Like organic oils? Find a favorite and use it for your hair, skin and even pampering on a good day. Have you tried Argan Oil of Morocco?

What are your beauty secrets or daily rules?

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