Procrastination Is Over…

OMG! So I know I stated a while back that I would stop procrastinating and begin blogging consistently as I first began. I love and enjoy researching, learning new things and getting to share those things with you all. I love the support that I’ve had and gained since my blog first launched. I appreciate the feedback and interaction that you all have given as well. If not for my audience, I wouldn’t have a blog…really. Yes so little, but I never thought that I’d get this many followers and that’s something for me to be proud of. I realize in order to keep my followers and to keep the support…I should probably continue blogging!

My blog initially started as a class project, then led to a passion for me. Then I slowly began to get sidetracked with other things and forgot that I even had a blog. Life happened! But anyhow, I said all of that to say that I will continue to grow with you all through my blog. And I ask that you continue to support me and my efforts on 🙂


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