Maximize Your Spring Haul

While ‘shopping haul’ posts have become more popular, I want you guys to get the best ‘bang for your buck!’ Affordable shopping doesn’t have to be a complete waste, especially if try simple tips.


Handbags. Be sure that it has structure and tolerance to last a few years. Make sure that the rubber lining on the straps doesn’t rub off, or the surface of the bag doesn’t easily discolor.

Flats. You want to purchase shoes with rubber soles because they last longer and are super comfortable.

Chains. They are ever evolving and you’re able to create your own signature looks with knots, draping and layering for necklaces and belts. Can be worn on your ankles and wrists, or interlooped between your fingers.

Cotton tops. They are inexpensive and thinner for the upcoming summer weather, and an ultimate ‘go-to’ for a ‘jeans and blazer’ look.

Vintage shoe clips. Perfect addition to any pump or flat; gives a rich, jewel tone.



[ 1 ] Because the carpet in department stores provide a little comfort, be sure to walk on hard surfaces when trying on shoes.

[ 2 ] Wear Spanx or convertible undergarments when prepared to try on clothes. You may find a greater fit for that jumper or halter dress you’ve been gawking for weeks.

[ 3 ] When shopping online, check for shipping rates. Those $35 pumps are no longer attractive with the total plus shipping.

[ 4 ] Follow, tweet and connect with your favorite brands on social media. Coupon codes, insider specials and discount offers are always up for grabs.

[ 5 ] A quick way to luxe your look is to purchase similar color palettes and prints, like darkwash denim and navy blue.

Do you have any helpful tips? Please share!

Photo, HSN, gloimg.trendsgal, fashions-cloud


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