SJP + Zappos Couture

Hi guys!

As many of you may know, I admire Sarah Jessica Parker in all her magnificence (complete understatement). I wanted to share with you the new collection that she and Zappos Couture have launched called ‘SJP.’

s s1

Shoes make any woman feel more confident and sexy. In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, Parker said, “You feel confident and powerful when you dress in a way that tells me who you are rather than trying to dress like someone else who you think is confident and powerful. The shoe that makes you feel good is what makes a powerful shoe. There are a myriad of varieties to fill that definition.”

s2 s3

By glancing at the collection, I knew instantly that ‘Sex and the City’ had a hand in the creation, and even the shoe names, like “Carrie.”  The 100-piece collection features handbags, clutch bags and classic, power pumps and flats. Each style is offered in a variety of colors.

s6 s7

Parker is looking to launch another collection in coming months, and just as this one, I’m sure it’ll be great! She’s truly a trendsetter, on and off the screen!

My current SJP obsessions are:

The “Angelica” reminds of the sapphire blue Manolo Blahnik that Mr. Big proposed to Carrie with during the movie.

Photo Source: Style News


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