Public Relation Talks

As a public relations enthusiast, I do think about how social media has changed the PR world and is still creating new avenues in the way we see things. I can’t say that the changes are either good or bad, but social media has paved the way for many professionals. It is used as the ‘go-to’ tool to further market clients, products and ideas. On the other hand, I have seen social media destroy a company’s images after a spiraling controversy.

Social media is so widespread, yet diverse that anyone with a social media account feel that they can take on [PR] responsibilities without a background in public relations. In a sense, it is what it is. There are people without proper training or knowledge to do many things, yet they continue to do so. For those who do not know how to effectively use, monitor, track and distribute information, or do not know creative crisis management are those who begin to fail at their jobs.

So much for trying to be something you’re clearly not qualified to do. I guess I do get offended.

Though, I feel that the same argument applies to people without degrees or those that drop out of high school; they find great success and fortune. It happens!

People or companies that employ social media, but do not have a qualified publicist can sometimes hurt, more than help a brand. Yes, networking and interacting is easy, but that’s not all ‘PRofressionals’ do. At the end of the day, there are books and resources, like ‘PR for Dummies’ and plenty of ‘how-to’ articles with tips on how to effectively use social media. If employed efficiently, these techniques will help brands flourish.

If that doesn’t work, remember money is always there to grow a brand 🙂

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