Celebrate Earth Day: 3 Ways To Fashion Detox

This spring, let’s be game changers and try something new…reduce our footprint in style. This simply means that we’ll be helping to curve fashion’s environmental impact. When we spend less, choose non-toxic products and re-purpose our clothing, we are making a huge impact on our planet! So, listen up and take notes!

[ 1. ] Make investment purchases on pieces that will last a few years. Try to avoid impulse shopping, it isn’t good for your wallet anyway.

[ 2. ] Take your friend’s throw-aways and repurpose it. Also, try your local Goodwill; seconds are never bad, especially if you’ve struck gold with a classic bargain.

[ 3. ] Save yourself money by handwashing your garments and/or air-drying. You will take better care of them this way, and don’t have to worry about the dryer putting a hole in your good shirt.

How do you fashion detox? Have you made an impact today?

Photo Credit: english.alarabiya.net


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