Pet Peeves + Social Media

“Since social media has become a large part of nearly everyone’s lives, there are some who still do not understand how to use it without annoying others. With regard to social media/social networking there are things which annoy us.”

There are more than a few things that many people still do not understand about social media, or how to properly use it. I don’t keep a compiled list of things that annoy me, but I do watch…and stalk for future slip-ups.

“You know what really grinds my gears?”

  1. Pixelated Photography – This isn’t the 90s, cameras have been updated for over a decade. With the exception of using older photos that can’t be found anywhere else, pick another picture!
  1. Sharing and/or commenting on subjective issues that you don’t fully understand/comprehend – This bugs me! I get easily annoyed when people comment on a photo, not fully aware of the ‘point’ and take it completely out of context.

Take a look at the ‘#WhiteGirlsRock’ trend. This has been a controversy for over two years now, every time ‘BlackGirlsRock!’ debuts on BET (Black Entertainment Television). Well this year, the issue worsened. Read the articles!

  1. Using TOO MANY ##### – Yes, this happens! It is okay to share a few, maybe even five…but 20 for one picture? C’mon Insta-bloggers! I know SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is your friend, but there isn’t anything wrong with using a handful of favorites for your particular brand.

This is why I constantly use the same six keywords in rotation, or include them as feature titles.

I have been guilty of doing these things myself, and this is why I’m sharing. I used to be that person using horrible images that aren’t larger than a Post-It sticker, or even used too many hashtags for my posts. Until I began taking my PR classes and learning more about SEO, I had been a social fail. Understanding how to customize post features with keywords and clear images will save you time and energy.



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