New Menswear Designer at American Apparel + GQ Suit Stretch Test

American Apparel has taken the heat this past year for company mishaps, but now they are working to “create a new identity” in hopes that the company’s future will prevail, especially in menswear. As of last week, Joseph Pickman from Band of Outsiders will be heading the men’s design team.

“And it’s not hard to see how someone who has spent over three years creating Band of Outsiders’ unfussy button-ups, sweatshirts and tailored pants would fit right in with American Apparel’s basics-oriented business, so while Pickman could drive things forward a bit, he’s not likely to alienate the brand’s current customers.”

We can count on Pickman to get the job done, right?

In other news, GQ charms us with their stretch test on trending men’s suits that are no longer make guys feel uncomfortable or constricted. Although at nauseating prices, these jetsetting suits will be worth every penny. Can you imagine a suit that’s tailored to fit with stretch and wrinkle resilience? This type of suit would be perfect for the everyday gym fanatic, or that guy who’s always on-the-go.


There aren’t many guys that can find a suit, such as Bonobos and Paul Smith, without having to actually spend money on that type of quality.

“After a couple hours worth of pull-ups, sprinting, push-ups, jumping, and lunging, it still looked freshly pressed. Not a wrinkle in sight. Try that in your run-of-the-mill cotton suit and you’ll be sorry. A gift from the sartorial gods!”

This is an investment.

Sources: and GQ



  1. I am so intrigued by men’s fashion nowadays as I find men are becoming more inclined day by day as to how they present themselves, style, trends, just the full works .. They also have less pieces to work with in comparison to women and it truly makes me appreciate a man who can dress extremely shabby and put together more then I have ever before. Kind of off topic but I enjoyed reading this post very much, thank you for the lovely post!


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    1. Absolutely! I enjoy glaring after a nicely dressed and stylish guy. I feel that it says so much about him 🙂 Thank you, as always! It’s nice to know that someone actually reads my posts.


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