Cosmopolitan Fails

With all of the racism in the world today, you’d think people would be more careful and respectful in the things that they create and post. Cosmopolitan Magazine must’ve missed this news trend because they messed up…seriously. Yesterday, they stroke nerves when they posted an online beauty feature using black models to illustrate trends that “need to die.”

The article used four pictures of African-American women to show what styles it deems to be out of fashion. There were Caucasian women used to showcase ‘bad’ beauty looks, but no women of different ethnic backgrounds were used to demonstrate the Cosmo-approved trends.


As if being a different race isn’t bad enough in our society, using ‘R.I.P’ in bold print doesn’t help to cure today’s prejudice or Cosmopolitan’s reader base.  They have stirred uproar on social media, creating major backlash from angry readers and commentators who called for a boycott and an apology.

Cosmopolitan stated, “Empowering and supporting all women is our mission, and here, we fell short. We apologize and will do better in the future.”

The apology didn’t seem entirely sincere and they are even beginning to lose favor. They don’t seem to have a creative PR team for damage control or no proper plan to deal with this issue. Whether it was a matter of race or a simple mistake, this feature should have been properly edited or trashed as an idea. Hello!

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  1. Yeah I have to agree with you. If they would have used some African American woman in the Hello Gorgeous section and leveled it out it would have been better. ❤ xo

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