Yesah for A Cause

It is easy to brush off service, especially where it’s needed. I’ve been committing to community outreach since I’ve been in elementary school. No, it doesn’t happen everyday, but I make sure I do my part in giving back. Being socially responsible is healthy for the soul and overtime you notice change within yourself. What’s your point, Angel?

image4_1024x1024Yesah is a company that contributes and dedicates itself to service; a brand that you can be proud to wear. They help, provide and support starving, malnourished children. One product in particular is a 100% natural wood watch (super nice). For each watch that is purchased, the company donates $10 to non profit children’s hunger organizations.

How about that? A one-of-a-kind watch used to provide for children in need. Diligence in its best. 

Follow them on social media using #ProudToWearYesah to show everyone you care. They’ll be giving away free merchandise to those that are proud to wear their brand!

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