Joe Zee

I was reading an interview on where Joe Zee, editor in chief of Yahoo Style, shared his insight and thoughts on how to make it in the fashion industry. I definitely felt that I could relate to his younger, 20-something self. His advice helped shake my fear (a little) as I begin to venture into the ‘real world.’ The interview was really nice; I  appreciate his story-telling. Here are a few shared tips:

Say yes to everything at your first job. “My whole life, I have been Tracy Flick…that Reese Witherspoon movie, “Election,” she would raise her hand and say ‘Yes, I can do that.'”

Keep your mind open to several career paths.I wanted to be a writer when I first applied for jobs…then along the way I thought, ‘Oh, I like styling.'”

Don’t worry about being an insider. “The fashion industry is the island of misfit toys. It’s like the eccentric kids from every high school got assembled in one industry and are now applauded and celebrated for their eccentricity.”

You can find the entire interview at I think you’ll like it as much as I did.


Photo source: Joe Zee



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