Baking With Highlights

Missy Lynn has arrived! I’ve been overly excited about this for a while and now I can share the good news with you all! Just in case you did not know, Missy Lynn is a Youtube beauty guru and active duty military member who collaborated with BHCosmetics to create a limited edition eyeshadow and highlighter palette.

misslynnpalette5-600x268 as Smart Object-1

The palette contains a built-in mirror, six eyeshadows and two highlighting powders, including warm earth-tones and rose gold for every skin tone. The eyeshadows have good pigmentation, but I’d recommend a primer before use so that it lasts longer. The highlight powers have great coverage with little flake and fall out. I would use the highlight bakes for a bronzer as well. The textures are so smooth, which I love and I would recommend a nice fluff-brush for applications.

So far, Missy Lynn has gotten great reviews and feedback. I don’t know about you, but I shop online based on reviews. Regardless of how much I want something, if the reviews are terrible I do not bother spending money.

The palette is no longer $11.95, but you can still purchase yours today! You can also achieve Missy’s nude and plum looks using your own palettes!

What’s your favorite glam-eye look?



    1. I love it! Because it has only been about three days since I’ve gotten it, I’ve only gotten a chance to wear the product once. My favorites are the plum, the amber-like tone and the light blush. They are so smooth. But, you have to apply about 3-4 layers to make it pop.

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