Spring Break 2015

Next week is SPRING BREAK 🙂

I don’t think I’ve been this excited since Miami Fashion Week in 2013. NOW THAT was a spring break, especially for us fashion gals! This year, I’m just happy to be doing something besides working. I am actually visiting Atlanta, Georgia with a friend. I plan to site see, shop and ‘cut-a-rug.’ I have a friend who does Christian Rap whom I’ll be catching up with, and hopefully see him perform.

This is at least half of the week. I will be blogging, working on my resume and cover letters the other half because when I get back home, I will be on TEN for internships.

If money were not a factor, I would have been planning for the Fashion PR Confidential Conference in New York. Although the conference is held every year, the one in NY is the closest to me and this year during my spring break. Opportunities come, things happen and plans are rearranged. This is life. I’m not too upset that my finances did not work out because I see it as not being for me, this time around. There’s always next year, right?

Gosh, that would’ve been the perfect trip. To be in New York, eating the awesome food, experiencing different cultures and feeling FREE! Isn’t that how everyone feels when in NYC? Being free to roam the city with no worries and little cares about everything else? Sounds good to me!

What are your plans for Spring Break?



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