Too Many Designers?

Olivier Theyskens believes the fashion market has become entirely saturated, and I agree. There are so many new designers that it’s becoming harder to keep up with emerging brands. Every year there are more than a handful of designers being added to almost every major show.

In his interview with Dezeen Magazine he said, “These days, there is an over offering of new brands…in every season and every fashion week, you have 10 or 12 new names. I think it’s scary.”

Reading further into the article, he stated that students interested in fashion should pursue other areas of the industry.

“Students don’t [realize] that there are other aspects of the industry where they could find a very strong place. Some of the people doing internships for me, they became super specialist in generating amazing prints or opening a business for trims and providing to all the houses in Paris. But a lot of kids that like fashion could become amazing merchandisers, they could become amazing sales people, they could become PRs or they could work more in ateliers. They don’t necessarily need to be the designer. It just depends on each person, and if they have something to express.”

Photo Source: Dezeen



    1. I definitely agree. I really wish that today’s designers would put more ‘hand-care’ into their work. Everything is manufactured to save costs, but sometimes it really isn’t worth it. I appreciate quality pieces.

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      1. Babe. I went to Holt Renfrew (Canadian version of let’s say Saks or Barney’s) and there were thin, loose tshirts, with careful places holes and rips, for $89. I laughed and walked away.


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