Spring Blouse: Zuri Zuri by Flora

The weather is beginning to warm up fast, and it’s time to start adding cool tops to your spring wardrobe. Zuri Zuri by Flora is a chic brand for the trendy woman with classic style, like me! I love blouses that can blend with any look sun-up to sun-down. I thought I’d share some of my favorites:

riza gold braid top

Riza Gold Braid (Ultimate Favorite!)

Timeless, elegant style and just a little bit of metallic splash with gold braids. A beautiful topper for a long skirt or slacks.


Wanda Button Down

Sophisticated Contrast Trim Blouse is the way to go. Perfect with slacks, skirts and jeans.

sexy dots

Embroidered Dot 

Midnight blue sheer blouse for when you want to show off your favorite camisole. It should top your favorite silky camisole, an a-line skirt or well-fitting blue jeans.


Belle Polka Dot

The adorable scoop-neck is accented by a flat, pretty bow that helps to create an innocent and pretty aura. The loose, boxy fit ensures that it looks fantastic paired with simple jeans or a miniskirt. Add a blazer for more sophistication.

little egg

Little Egg Crepe

The perfect blouse for work or casual events where you want to look well put together – which, you know, who doesn’t, right? Wear it with jeans for a casual look, or with a skirt and blazer for a work occasion or church.
retro darling

Retro Mod 

Reminiscent of the femininity and style from the 1960’s. Pair with a pair of jeans, form-fitting skirt or slacks for a classic look. Just for comfort, add a nice pair of platform sandals!
Source: Zuri Zuri


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