Oh, how fun is it to #HASHTAG! The tactic is so simple, yet so freaking popular. About two years ago, I didn’t understand the depth of a hashtag, but today, there is so much power and connection through a tag. Each day, there are people gaining new friends, jobs and major network relationships through simple hashtags. Both my assigned and selected client use #hashtags more than anyone I’ve seen thus far on social media.

Charmin and Angel Soft use great humor and rational appeal when hashtagging. The majority of Charmin’s tweets are dedicated to their ‘tweet roll’ of #tweetfromtheseat, but they are interacting daily with trending topics and discussions. I like it when they take a bad situation and create a humorous hashtag to induce positivity. Always a great tactic! They are also promoting their #CharminRelief campaign, where people can nominate their local firehouses for a year’s worth of toilet paper. Good deal!

Angel Soft uses hashtags everyday for everything! It’s not too bad; they maintain brand image. They interact with followers, follow trending discussions and even recognize national days throughout the year. I love that they utilize adult humor for their tweets, like #SheetOutOfLuck and #SheetHappens.

All of their hashtags are relatable to everyday people and situations, which is why my clients keep a strong follow base. Charmin and Angel Soft are never inappropriate when utilizing social media, and they are always sure to keep their hashtags ‘clean.’

I do feel that most #hashtags go unnoticed or even have engagement failure. After reading #YoureDoingItWrong, I agree that “throwing a “#” in front of a slogan is fine, but isn’t likely to inspire involvement.”

I think a great idea to add would be to:

Feed off real-time content and set realistic expectations of the #hashtag. This is basically jumping in on current topics, or trending conversations, to create authentic taglines that will go unnoticed. It’s using great quality, rather than throwing multiple hashtags out for people to isolate.


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