So, Youtube?

I honestly did not know that YouTube celebrated its 10th anniversary on February 14th. What’s interesting is that the first video wasn’t uploaded until two months after the domain debut. It seems as if they had a ‘big bang,’ in which they grew tremendously shortly after.

Thinking about both my assigned and selected client, they really do not utilize Youtube as you think they would. Charmin has over 6,000 subscribers and 30 videos uploaded. Their last update was about their relief project a month ago, and before that it was a previously seen commercial. Surprisingly, their most admired video is the Charmin Ultra Strong Commercial with over 1,000,000 views.

Angel Soft posts only commercials, once a  month. They have 30 videos and only 14 subscribers…literally! Their last post was three months ago, and it was their #SheetHappens commercial series. Their most liked video is the #SheetOutOfLuck commercial, in which I giggled in the end.

I use Youtube for music playlists, but I often see funny trending videos. Usually, I know what I’m looking for so I don’t waste time searching numerous pages. I even have an autoplay setting on my laptop so that the next selection will play. I like to watch videos with few views so I can be one of the first to comment. After 20 comments, I just stop scrolling…it gets depressing! People are cruel.

I believe if they put forth the effort, they could actually make a huge Youtube impact. What about a contest or unique toilet paper movement, like Angel Soft’s Sheet Happens? Pitching a Youtube campaign to my clients wouldn’t be a bad idea, considering the help they could use. There are so many video narcissists today, that my clients could reap major benefits.

Below is one of my favorite trailers from Youtube, enjoy!


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