Are You On Instagram?


You didn’t hear? Instagram is a trend, and I seem to be the only one not doing it. I used to post everyday, almost five times a day. I feel like I became an addict, more so because I liked gawking after nice pictures (and handsome guys). This was two years ago, and back then I felt that if you weren’t on Instagram, you weren’t ‘cool.’ Is that still a saying among the popular kids?

I still have my account, but it’s not active. When my phone broke, I couldn’t afford a super-nice replacement, so I settled for a ‘talk just fine, text just fine’ type of phone with a horrible camera. Meaning that I could no longer be a part of the ‘gram’ world. Ugh, the death of me!  I had followers and they actually cared to interact with me, leaving comments and tagging me in posts. This is what I enjoyed most about Instagram, being able to feel the love from my friends, family and others (some I did not know).

I believe my client Charmin would say the same, except they aren’t active on Instagram. From what I found, my clients are not on Instagram. I know that it is important that their followers interact and engage with them, but this social media tool isn’t one of their best. Charmin seems to have so much fun when creating their posts, their follow base feels the ingenuity, yet they prefer to stick to Twitter and Facebook. Angel Soft, my chosen client, isn’t on Instagram either. I do not know why they choose not to be, but it isn’t for everyone. They have #hashtags and people converse about them on Instagram, but they are not involved.

At the moment, since they seem to be doing so well with Facebook and Twitter, I would suggest that they stick to what they feel comfortable with. They have thousands of interactive followers and they seem to love the bond and social media presence that they’ve built. I would definitely suggest Instagram, and think it would be great for them. I know that Charmin posts about the bear family all the time, it could be a great idea to actually give them their own Instagram account. Wouldn’t that be nice, to follow the Charmin bear family on the gram? It would be different, but clever. I like it! What do you guys think?


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