Take those Psycho-Selfies, Y’all!

Duck Lips on Mona!

Duck Lips on Mona!

After reading, Selfies Linked to Psychopathic Traits, I am just not sure how I feel. I mean, you can’t really knock results that are tried and true. But, still these can also be minor traits. I took the test, and I find that I am mildly psycho. The questions that are asked are based definitely on risks, similar to this: ‘Would you consider one’s feelings when climbing to the top of your career?’ You know, something like that. Of course I would but, at the end of the day, I’m thinking about me and my success. So does this make me a psychopath for thinking this way? I guess it’s all about perspective. Maybe someone else will yield greater results for being a psycho (we’ll get a kick out of that)!

Do you agree or disagree with the article when they state “men who take a lot of selfies were more likely to display traits linked to narcissism.” Do you think women could also be seen as having narcissistic tendencies with the selfies they take? Defend your opinion.

I do agree with the narcissism, “the feeling of superiority concerning oneself and one’s appearance; tempered with deep insecurity, and self-objectification — meaning the tendency to value oneself based solely or preponderantly on one’s outward appearance.” I believe that many people have insecurities, it is the title ‘narcissist’ that makes it sound worst than what it is. There is nothing wrong with someone taking selfies, to portray the persona that person wants everyone to see.

Some people take photos to make themselves feel better, or to boost their confidence. This could be the way most people think when taking selfies. I admit, I do take selfies, but it has been a long while! One, my camera on my phone sucks! Two, I have to be in the mood! I don’t see any problem with taking selfies, especially when I’m ‘feeling myself’ (feeling good, feeling great)! *Laughs!

Most of the time, I do enjoy taking selfies with other people. But, sometimes it depends because I like to hold the camera, so that I can get my good side. If someone else is holding the phone, you may see half your face. For the most part, my girls and I take selfies when we’re out having fun. We like to have memories to hold on to, especially when you know that life after college will change the pace of your friendship.

I feel it is okay for people to take selfies, but if you’re like that constant ‘selfie-taker’ that blows my Facebook timeline into the water, then NO! It is NOT okay! I worked with a girl who took more selfies than she actually worked. What’s funny, is that people look completely different in their selfies than in person, most of the time. I guess that is the advantage of having edit options; that perfect blur in the corner of the picture or even that filter to cover the pimple on your cheek. *Laughs, again!



  1. I definitely agree that most people take a selfie for confidence reasons! I said in my blog that people might just be having a good hair day. You can’t blame them for wanting to document that!

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