Ugh…it’s so true! I have a huge Fear Of Missing Out. With the start of a new school year, I am mainly working and going to class, so I really do not have much time for playing, being social, hanging with friends and all of that good stuff.

When I am not in school, I am at work. When I am not in those two places, I just want to sleep and catch up on my rest. Sometimes it seems as if I don’t have time for anything else. Until recently, I did not have a laptop or anything that will allow me to maintain access to the socialite entertainment with fashion, celebrities, world news, etc. This will be my only source of fun right now…because as I said, I just don’t have time.


 With my birthday weekend just passing, I found myself falling behind on schoolwork and I missed an exam. Trying to be the one ‘not missing out.’ I was so caught up in preparing for my day and forgot that I had school assignments and an exam to study for. Well, luckily enough, my professor allowed me to make up the missed exam (FAVOR!) and I made a promise to myself to stop making excuses.

These excuses fall in the category of everything. Life, school, work…EVERYTHING! I figure the less excuses I make, the less room there will be for mistakes or mishaps. My FOMO will just have to take a seat on the bench or else it’ll have me bottled up with frustration.

I know that in the world of PR and entertainment, it is easy to feel left out. There is so much going on and so much that I would love to be a part, like fashion week and keeping up with my favorite fashion blogs. I feel that the majority of my FOMO comes by way of not being able to participate in internships and major networking opportunities. Just recently, I missed one of the most prominent Fashion PR conferences in L.A. Oh, how I wish!! 

I feel that the only solution is to just focus on my goal and just continue to do what I can to build my resume, with the little experience I pick up here and there. Now that I do have a laptop, I can begin working on my CSS and Search Engine Optimization skills. There will be many opportunities, I just have to be patient and let everything follow through………………………(sad face)


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