No Looking Back


A new semester of school has started, and I am extremely iffy about it! I feel out of my element, like I’ve gotten old or something. I am a Super Senior this year and I’m finally graduating in MAY!!! YAY ME!!!! It has been a long time since I’ve posted ANYTHING! I ought to be ashamed of myself! But, no…seriously…I had much thinking to do and I’ve grown to the point where I absolutely know which paths I wish to take, as far as life, career and relationship (which I’ll share later).

Having some ‘me’ time has taught me a few things. Ooh! I should share:

1. Never be afraid to be afraid. Things happen. Life goes on with or without you…which allows room for growth and strength. I’ve learned (and still applying) that fear will always tremble at your ankles, ONLY if you allow it.

2. Be, Think, and Do POSITIVE. I simply mean, be positively pro-active in every aspect of your being. I’m not perfect, and no, I never will be…but, guess what? When people see me, they see happiness. Why? Because I’m happy!! (clap along if you know what happiness is to you!!) I speak positively, act positively, and I do positive activities.

3. Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s completely okay to make mistakes. It happens to the BEST of US. When I fall and shatter…I pray. When I speak those words of life into my soul…Oh! How wonderful I feel.

4. Never say never. Why? Because it always bites back…like bad karma. Anything is POSSIBLE, as I’ve said with a positive attitude and open mind. If you believe big, big dreams will happen!

5. Be attentive. As my love is always preaching…’attention to detail.’ This is ALWAYS important because the smallest things missed, will be some of the most essential.

And….most important: Be prayerful. I am always in constant prayer about everything. I start my day with prayer, pray throughout the day, and even during my daily activities. This helps me stay calm and in-check with myself. I’m learning to bite my tongue (when needed), especially when I’m in a conflicted situation.

But! Overall, I am completely thankful for all of the things learned this past summer, and I am grateful for the people in my life who contribute to my life lessons. As I move through this semester, I will share many things and would love to hear feedback! So…please, stay tuned!

No Looking Back – Damita Haddon


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