Coexisting: Modern and Traditional Communication Tools

Compare and Contrast the use for Public Relations Practitioners of modern communication tools and traditional communication tools.


After looking over comparisons, I would say that modern tools are more decentralized, low cost effective, and interactive; compared to traditional which are ad driven, fixed in format and are graphically constrained. Modern media is mostly viewed as books, telephone conversations, radio and even postal services. Traditional media today is known for mostly wireless access to all news, like the internet.

The traditional communication tool, the internet, is used for everything, from gathering research to promoting an organization or product. The internet has brought them to the more modern tools though, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. These social media tools allow PR practitioners to use different methods for PR. Also, traditional media or new media mostly features one-way communication with limited feedback channels. These new media options allow easy access for today’s generations of media users.

Modern media, like newspapers, is a way for PR Practitioners to provide press releases and news releases of upcoming events as well as introduce products. Newspapers have evolved to be more modern, by being offered online. Instead of buying paper copies, a lot of people get their news and information from newspapers online; which some modern media tools are considered or becoming traditional, depending on the individual preferences. I can babble all day about this stuff.

In summary, new media techniques are far more cost-efficient, accessible/readily available, more customer driven, and they provide PR personnel with the ability to actually participate in two-way communication.


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