Why am I studying Public Relations?

Welp! This would make this the third time that I have typed this post; hopefully, this will not get deleted once again!

So, I am choosing to study public relations because I feel that it is an interesting topic. It seems fun and is always ever-changing. After volunteering with the PR team for Miami Fashion Week, I felt inspired to pursue public relations. I have been in love with it since! Although I am a fashion major, Fashion PR is my ultimate goal at the moment. Everything about it gives me life! I admire the women in the field, and have every intention on working as hard to be as successful. I can honestly say that being involved on campus, whether a fashion event or not, I have always chose the public relations task (although that isn’t what we were calling it.); I still had my hands in some type of PR.

I now have two internships, both geared towards PR, so I’m hoping that with all that I will be learning I will be successful in the field..no matter what company I choose to be with. Overall, I strongly feel that the best is yet to come with this career goal. Maybe this is for or maybe it isn’t…but at the moment, I know that Fashion PR is where I want to be. I get daily inspiration from Crosby Noricks of PR Couture; the website is EVERYTHING! I have learned so much more about fashion public relations reading her website, along with the principles that I have gained here at GSU. I feel that everyone interested in PR, in general, can gain new insight to the business.




  1. Hey Angel, thanks for the follow! Fashion PR sounds like a really exciting career. Always feel wonderful when somebody decides to pursue what they want in life! Have lots of fun in this field and stay cool! 🙂

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