So…It Has Come To This…


Well, the time has come and so fast! I’m actually really glad that it’s finally over because I am tired! I need a break, so this month out is going to do me some justice.

I can honestly say that my highs of the semester was achieving the grades that I wanted for assignments and tests, and projects as well. I also enjoyed meeting new people and bonding, making lifetime friends. My lows of the semester was missing classes and receiving those points taking off of my final grade, and not being able to make up for missed work. 

If I had the option to change anything, I would definitely do more research on my chosen career path. I just recently figured out what I want to do after graduation, and now I feel like I have limited time to learn new things. I have been in college almost five years and now that I am near the end, it hits me! Sad. I really wish I would have figured something out a long time ago, that way I could’ve done more to better prepare myself for the future. I mean, I still have until next December, but a year goes by so fast when your not paying attention. 

I have learned so many new things, especially taking this public relations course. I have entered an entire new spectrum of ideas and job opportunities for myself. I will be keeping my textbook from this semester because I feel that it will come in handy soon. I feel that I can be successful in public relations, if I be open-minded to everything that comes of it. Since I prefer to do the entertainment aspect of it, I believe that I will go far if I retain as much information as possible about the profession as a whole. 


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