Give Thanks….on Thanksgiving


With Thanksgiving next week, let us all take a moment (or two) to give thanks for the people, places, things, etc. we are grateful for (minimum of 10).

I am super excited about Thanksgiving! Besides my birthday, Christmas and New Year’s, it is one of the BEST days of the year! I am grateful for many things in my life, and I not only give thanks just on Thanksgiving, but every day. I think being thankful is an essential part of living. My list can on and on for hours, when I’m praying. But, I won’t be long-winded in my list for this post. 

I am ultimately thankful for God, who’s the head of my life, health and strength. If it were not for him, I do not know if I would have made it this far…with anything. I am thankful for life’s challenges, to the extreme! It is such a cliche` to say that I have been through many struggles, but this is true. I appreciate my past and what I had to go through to get where I am today. 

I am thankful for my family, my friends, and the different people that come and go on a daily basis. I feel that meeting new people everyday happens for a reason. They contribute to my life, somehow. I am thankful for my professors and my advisors along the way. I honestly need them to succeed! I am thankful for my organizational families, because without them our student organizations will not thrive. 

I am thankful for my education, with the most sincerity. I am a first generation college student and I plan to be extremely successful in every aspect. I am thankful for my college experiences, whether service activities, projects, and events. I am able to say that the majority of my resume` experience has been developed by volunteering. I have had the opportunity to participate in major fashion events (i.e. Miami Fashion Week) and events, such as Savannah’s Fashion Night Out and Actor’s Night Out. I have met some wonderful people, and have built relationships to last. 

Everyone has much to be thankful for everyday. It is by faith, strength, and bonded relationships that I am who I am, and how I will obtain the success I want. I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving (in advance), and to let everyone know to give thanks, not just on Thanksgiving, but each and every day. Be Blessed! 



  1. I loved how you mentioned your faith and God is something that you are thankful for! We are fortunate to have so many wonderful things in our life and without him we wouldn’t be as blessed a we are!


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