This Dressing Thing x What Angel Thinks


We have all seen this at one point or another. Clothing that someone else is wearing that makes us shake our head and wonder what possessed them to put it on in the first place (i.e. wearing leggings as pants). In your opinion, what kind of clothing should be banned forever? Also, what clothing do you think should be banned from being worn in the classroom?

To begin, I honestly DO NOT see anything wrong with wearing leggings/tights as bottoms, DEPENDING on how you wear them. For instance, if they are too tight, too small, too loose, too thin (translation: not enough fabric), or just down right ugly in print, I suggest that you DO NOT wear them! Me, on the other hand, I wear leggings as bottoms, but I also wear a pair of tights underneath so that the fit is smooth.

Now, this epidemic of wearing over-oversized shirts with bottoms is getting out of control! I don’t know what possesses girls to do this in the first place. I would be contradicting myself if I say that I haven’t done it, BUT to defend myself…I was definitely cute! I wore my cute cardigan, boots, boot socks, and scarf to perrr-fect it!

At the moment, I cannot think of any clothing that should be banned. I just think that people should wear clothing to fit, according to size. This really bugs me, it’s definitely a pet peeve. I just don’t see how guys and girls can wear clothing with their bellies bulging, boobs creating ‘the muffin top’, or even a females’ jeans squeezing so tight that the material is cutting their thighs when they walk. Yes, I’m detail oriented like that (laughs)!

I honestly do not feel that there should be a stipulation on the way that students dress when they go to class. As long as they are comfortable and it does not distract them from learning, why does it matter?



  1. I remember when an article came out in the George Anne about girls who where wearing over-sized t-shirts. I thought it was pretty hilarious. That’s how I knew it was getting serious when an article was written about it.


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