What? The Fair is in Town?

ImageGrowing up, my family went to the fair every year! It was almost a traditional affair. If I did not go with my grandmother, I would go with my aunt and cousin. I liked being able to dress up and be cute, seeing as if that’s what I was used for most of the time anyhow (chuckles). 

I can honestly say that I do not remember any of the specific details too well. But, I do know that in Richmond, VA we always had some of the most amazing scenery with the bright lights and huge rides. The fair was like an amusement park to us, that is just how big the event was. I do remember always wanting to ride the Ferris Wheel, but being afraid of the height. When it comes to other rides, my mind is just blurry. Really sad, huh? 

Some of my favorite foods are definitely the funnel cakes and hotdogs! It is something about the fair food that just tastes a lot better than when your actually fixing it yourself. I always had to keep my mouth stuffed with food (mainly because I was a fatty). (laughs!) 

I don’t think I will attending the fair this week, mainly because of financial priority. Since I’ve been at GSU, I’ve only been to the fair once, and it was super cold, so I actually didn’t really enjoy it. I went with my roommate at the time, and we walked around about twice, ate the food, then left. Not very exciting for a first time. OH! I do remember going another time as well! I believe it was for community service. I saw the farm animals, and actually saw my first camel and kangaroo. It was very different, but interesting. I did enjoy myself that year! 

Maybe next year, before I graduate, I’ll be able to go one last time. And another reason I don’t care to go is because I rather go with my significant other, whom I haven’t seen in a while because he does not live in Statesboro! Depressing. BUT! Like I said, maybe next year. 



  1. I totally agree with you on the blurred part of my fair past…I guess as a child we just don’t pay attention to those things? I literally laughed out loud when I read your camel story…because I met my first camel at a fair too and he pooped right next to my foot! yeah…not a good experience….hahaha. good post!


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  3. Angel, you make a good point. Going with a significant other is definitely much more exciting than going with a friend or roommate. Especially the cliché of riding the ferris wheel together, it just makes it that much more of a thrill.


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