My Inspiration   There are people in our lives that inspire us. Perhaps it’s for their leadership skills or for making it through a hard time. Who, in your life, inspires you? What is it about them that make them an inspiration? Do you inspire others? If so, how? —Professor Groover

I have many people, things, ideas, and facts that inspire me everyday to be the ‘best me’ that I can be. But, there is one special person that I must place on a platform, she’s one of my favorite cousins, Tanesha Grant!

Words cannot begin to flow fast enough to explain the love that I have for this lady. She is amazing in all that she does! She truly inspires me to be successful, humble, ardent, and goal-oriented. Tanesha is self-reliant woman manifesting in confidence, ambition, and individuality. Being strong in her Christian faith, she is truly a living witness to obtaining ‘all that you can ask.’  Not only is she a positive leader within our family, but also in her community. is a movement that she created and that I believe will continue growing in prosperity; just keep watching!

I do feel that I inspire others, daily! I like to keep my peers encouraged and strengthened, involved in activities and service opportunities. I know that I am positive and tenacious, and an educator on ‘standing-out.’ I like to find the little things about people–the things that they don’t think are important–and help them build confidence within themselves to ‘bring out’ these attributes. I know that everyone has the tendency to feel that they are not good enough, speak with negativity, or just doubtful about everything; that’s where I come in! I don’t go looking for people to ‘fix,‘ friendships grow over time, and in the process I turn out to be their Olivia Pope! Of course I learn things from them that help me grow as a person as well! So, it’s a win/win for everyone! See–positive!


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