Pet Peeves: Man! Where do I start….

Mmm…let’s see. I don’t have too many…..

  • Bad Breath: It just bothers me that people can stand in your face and not be able to read the facial expressions!  I mean, I can ‘taste’ when my breath needs a gum check, so I know that others can too!
  • Lying: I can’t stand when people tell lies! The truth doesn’t hurt everybody.
  • Language Check: I dislike when people tell me that I sound like ‘a white girl’ when I speak. No! I just speak with proper English.
  • Borrowing: I cannot tell you how many times I have had people borrow something of mine, damage it and care less about replacing it. I guess I am too passive about this because after a month has passed, I do not expect anything in return.
  • Apparel Mishap: It really bothers me when ‘thicker’ guys and gals wear items that are way too small for them. It is definitely okay to be comfortable in your size, I’m all for it!
  • Tongue Running: Don’t you just hate it when people run their mouths about things that they know NOTHING about? Me too! They can’t state not a single true or relevant fact about what is being spoken about. I won’t call it gossip, because this is different.
  • Hypocrites: I try not to judge people, but I feel some type of way when people act one way and criticize others for doing the same exact thing! I grew up in this type of negativity, so sometimes I have to check myself.
  • Birds of a Feather: This is something that I have been associated with too many times and I cannot stand it. Yes, some of my friends have foul mouths, but that does not mean that I do. They participate in some activities that I could care less about, but that still does not mean I am just like them because I hang with them. I believe people can change, and I try to be the positive influence with hopes that they will see things differently…eventually.
  • Weave: When I can see a girl’s weave track or the hair just isn’t laying right to cover the ‘evidence’ that the hair isn’t hers. Come on!
  • Talent: I do NOT like when people try to criticize me about ‘what I can do’ BEFORE I get the job done. No one person is alike nor will they be, so do not expect me to be like you or have the same skills as you especially if our career paths are completely different!
  • Fashion: It bothers me when people think that ‘dressing cute’ makes them a part of the fashion world, or even when celebrities jump right into it. I wonder if they wake up thinking ‘I want to design clothes now’ or ‘I think I want to build a brand of fashion apparel.’ I’m mad now, but if I had the money I would too (hypocrite maybe)!
  • This Girl: There is this girl beside me in the Forum computer room and she is being extremely loud! She is on OOVOO with her ‘boyfriend’ with NO headphones AND her daughter is running around with cartoons playing extremely loud on the other computer. The one thing that really bothers me is that the girl is using foul language in front of her daughter and allowing her boyfriend to do the same. NOT HEALTHY!

I can go on and on with this, but I guess lastly…..Racism (enough said!)



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