Professors Need Love Too!

13 Ways to Make Your Professor Love You

Before reading the article, I glanced it over and immediately thought to myself ‘Oh, Lord! This is too many words!’ But, the article was pretty interesting. Personally, sad to say, I do not bond with most of my professors nor do I really take the time out to actually converse. I say this because in the majority of my classes, students are crowding the professor everyday or rushing them with questions that I really just don’t have the time to just wait patiently. Maybe I’m impatient. Who knows! After reading this article, I now feel that I can do better. Particularly because I know that it will make a difference, whether I can see it or not.

I feel that the advice given in the article is good information. Out of all my professors since my freshman year of classes, I believe I only have a bond with 1. I mean, I converse with the others, but now that I think about it…maybe I’m just using them whenever I need something. That’s mean! Somebody slap me on the hand! But, then again, professors always seem so busy and I never want to bother anyone, so I just email and speak to them whenever I need to.

Over the years, I was told that building relationships with the professors that will actually move you a step closer to your career are the professors that I should keep on-hand. I do that now, but I guess I should be more open. Being a fashion student, I can honestly say that I bond with the fashion department professors more so than my other professors. It’s just the connection of interests–which is fashion–and other factors that make the relationship grow.

The statement where the article suggests that I should show interest in my professor’s research and their achievements is actually the area that I need work to improve. I had forgotten about the research aspect of their profession. One of my fashion professors were just speaking over her topic of research in class the other day. No one showed interest at all towards the subject, but I could tell how excited she was to even be speaking on it.

I feel that most students, including myself, could take more time to show our professors that we appreciate them and show our concern towards the things that are important to them, especially in our class lectures. This article really opened my eyes to realize how much of an impact I could make by simply being genuine to my professors and showing my concern.

BUT! From this day forward, I will make it my duty to bond with my professors and actually be sincere about it!



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