Bring It Back: Favorite Childhood Show

If I had the power to bring back my favorite childhood show, I would not choose one because I loved them all! Clarissa Explains It All.  The show did not last that long after its first debut, but luckily there were reruns! I was only seven or eight watching the horrors of what would happen once I became a teen. Many could say that I did not understand what I was watching, but I learned a pretty good bit! I did not have a younger brother that bothered me like she did, but Clarissa taught me how to deal in general. It was like real life as a ‘not-yet-preteen.’ There were also things like bullies, female problems, and family issues that she taught me how to deal with. There is a need for more 90’s shows today. Those were like the best of the best shows ever!

Then, there was All That! I LOVED everything about this show with the snip-its of The Amanda Show, Keenan & Kel, Beth! Everything! I never missed an episode and you could not tell me that I was not a part of the act. If Nickelodeon had reruns of all of the greatest shows ever, their ratings would go through the roof.  I also loved Rocko’s Modern Life. I used to always feel sorry for the fella when bad things would happen to him, but laugh right afterwards. Rocko had one of the ugliest, yet cutest dogs ever! OH! I cannot forget Courage the Cowardly Dog and Invader Zim! To this day, none of my friends can laugh with me when I quote a snip-it from the episode where Gir and Zim were on a plane, and Gir dumped all of their much needed supplies off the plane to reserve his tuna. He was like ‘gotta save room for the tuna! Tuuunnnnaa!’ That is like one of the best to all their best shows! (Yes, I said best twice in that sentence.)

I am just in awe reminiscing about the good shows. I really do not have just one favorite, and I really can’t just choose one! 




  1. I forgot all the awesome shows that came on Nickelodeon, like Rocko’s Modern Life and All That! I really do think that kids shows were so much better in the ’90’s. The shows today just aren’t as funny or entertaining. I guess that’s just the change in our culture. That’s for reminding me of those shows!


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