Beauty is Skin Deep

I admire the Dove Beauty Sketch series because it brings a sense of happiness and joy to me. This experiment not only allowed these people to feel better about themselves, but it also welcomed a sense of acceptance. The little things that we all find unattractive or bothersome about ourselves are the very things that someone else sees in a different light.

Self acceptance is one of the many issues that many people face today. Whether it is trying to find courage to be out-going, the ‘right’ social circle, or even the ‘ideal’ body type we all have our own inner issues that we deal with everyday. Dove’s point of the video was to show how many women are overly critical about their appearances, instead of being more tolerant of their true beauty.

The forensic sketch artist, Gil Zamora, was able to sketch the features of the women without meeting them beforehand, or looking at them during the session. First, he drew the women based on their own self-perception and then based on the opinions of a stranger. The stranger’s descriptions were more soothing, attractive, and similar to what the women actually looked like.

I really feel that this was definitely a step up for Dove’s Beauty Campaign. An article that I read stated that the video had more than 114 million YouTube views, a month after it was released, making it the most viral ad video of all time.

You can see more of the series on the Dove YouTube Channel.



  1. What a touching video. I should have known it was a Dove ad; they tend to have exceptionally heartrending videos of seeing yourself as stunning in your own skin. I thoroughly enjoyed this video because it really puts things in perspective. We all perilously analyze our imperfections instead of focusing on what makes us beautiful. It is always a pleasant reminder to see what people reflect on when it comes to you, your looks and even personality. The onlookers who illustrated someone other than themselves were more flattering. They only saw good things about someone and described them in way that wasn’t critical or negative. Do you not wish that we could learn to love ourselves more for who we are? I congratulate Dove and their series of inspirational videos. I wish we saw more videos such as these on television and the web.


  2. This video is absolutely admiring and beautiful. I have never seen this video before but I’m very glad that I now have watched it. This video is something everyone should see in this world. Self-acceptance is so important to not only myself, but to everyone around me. I hope that people watch this and find the beauty and inspiration that I found within it when I watched it. Truly remarkable.


  3. Angel,
    This is one of the best videos that I have seen! I know that Dove always does the “beautiful women” type videos, and one of my favorites is the one where they take the average girl and make her into a “beautiful model” by airbrushing and all of the different techniques to show young girls that any average person off the street can be made to look like the girls in the magazines. This video couldn’t have been a better representation of self acceptance and that we are always going to be harder on ourselves rather than how other people view us.


  4. This video is so gorgeous! I love that Dove is all about empowering people, especially women. It really made me feel like even though we may have problems with the way we look so do most everyone else. It makes you feel good that just because you are stuck on one thing about yourself, that won’t be the one thing someone else notices about you! Great Video choice!


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