Week of the 30th: Blog Comments

I commented on Laura Mabbett’s blog and Lindsey Massey’s blog as well.  I feel like everyone have really great posts, except me!

Laura Mabbett, PRCA 2330

:) I think your favorite place has just become my favorite place, and I haven’t ever been! I honestly never get to travel as much as I would like to, so I would have never guessed that North Carolina had mountains. Being in the mountains around the holidays sounds like it would be the most fun ever!

I feel like I’m dreaming through everyone else’s favorite places. The last time I have been out the state of Georgia was almost three years ago. I’m definitely jealous much

Lindsey Massey, PRCA 2330

AW! This is so cool, and I would love to visit some time. I have heard of it before, but I didn’t think it had that much excitement to it. I think that this will be a place to add to my ‘get away spot’ list. I enjoy riding go-karts and playing putt-putt too! As far as the hamburger joint, I believe I am going to make that a must to try!

I am a foodie (for the classics). The next time I take a trip to Florida, I believe Smyrna will be a stopping point. Your post brings back memories for me, vacationing with my family on Virginia Beach. In fact, that could have been my post! But, I didn’t think about it until now; oh well. Thanks for the happy memories!! :)


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