Ol’ Jesup, Ga

My Favorite Place to Visit: Jesup, GA

Favorite Place to Visit

I LOVE to visit Jesup because it is where my grandmother and the ‘love of my life’ live.

Jesup is one of the few small towns where everyone, that I’ve seen thus far, is pretty much friendly. I am not from Jesup, so I really do not know too much about it. I am actually still in the process of learning more. At first, I just thought it was a little strip of stores and highway. Now, I know that it has just as many back roads and fields as there are trees and highway on the way to Statesboro.

Jesup has a drive-in theater that is fairly cheap, for TWO great movies! The vibe of the out-door theater is interesting, mainly because of the car-hop service, with the cardigans and poodle skirts, back in the 60s. There is also Bill Morris Park that has a huge pond, with a track surrounding the area; which also has a ‘mini-big’ jogging trail adjacent to it. There are not that many food establishments worth eating every day, but for the locally owned restaurants, I can say the food is pretty great!

There is a small theater in the downtown area that I would like to visit one day. I am not quite sure if they still produce shows there though. The downtown portion of Jesup is actually pretty nice. It reminds you of classic times with the small boutiques and the train station that sits behind them. Other than that, Jesup doesn’t really have anything interesting. I just really enjoy spending time with my family and boyfriend!

It is a small town that anyone could get away to relax and retire! I would never miss a beat visiting Jesup.


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